Kai Jackson expands her loc services

Photo courtesy: @DaLocPrincess, Instagram

Da Loc Princess is a loc services business run by Kai Jackson, a first-year nursing student at Florida A&M. Her services include retwists and styles, washes and starter locs.

Jackson said she started styling locs at the end of October 2022. She needed a way to make money that would work for her busy schedule.

“I had already been looking for a new side hustle,” she said. “I needed to make my own schedule and set my own pay, so I became an entrepreneur.”

She has developed an appreciation for locs and is considering locing up herself.

Unfortunately, Jackson deals with a few struggles when it comes to building her business. One deals with a prospective service Da Loc Princess will offer.

“It’s been hard getting people to take me seriously,” she said. “As far as cutting hair, most men prefer a male barber, and don’t think I’m good because I’m a female,” she said.

Clients not following policies and potential clients not using resources like her website are also challenges she faces.

Photo courtesy: @DaLocPrincess, Instagram

Jackson said she is motivated by the progression of her business despite the challenges.

“Seeing my business flourish and my craft slowly perfect itself keeps me pushing forward,” she said. “I know that if I stay on this path, it’ll pay off in the end.”

She plans to perfect her barbering skills this summer and hopes to offer new services in the fall semester.

“I want to master [barbering] completely before adding on either knotless braids or wig installs this coming August.”

Reflecting on the results of her hard work is her favorite part of providing her services.

“I love the transformations,” she said. “Especially when it’s someone who thought their hair could never look good again after months of no maintenance.”

Locs are cherished in the Black community as they “represent a renewed sense of pride in African physical characteristics and Blackness,” according to Esquire magazine. It is important for students with locs to have a stylist that will treat them with care.

According to a recent client, she is doing just that for the people who take a seat in her styling chair. A review from the business’ Instagram page reads:

“Great conversation and checks on me making sure I’m okay or need anything. Amazing work!”

Jackson is constantly finding new ways to help build her brand with Da Loc Princess, whether it be asking clients for feedback or learning new skills to add more services. She has progressed since the beginning of her “loctician” journey and hopes to thrive as an entrepreneur.

For more information on Da Loc Princess and services, potential clients may visit the Instagram page @DaLocPrincess, which includes a link to the booking site in the bio, or contact by phone at 678-210-1417.