Need shades? These two have you covered

Photo courtesy: Instagram @ _shady.visions

Two local college students spent the past year trying to figure out what exactly the Tallahassee market needs. The two entrepreneurs, Jewel Crouch and Jelani Bland, decided that what was missing was a boutique sunglasses business, so they pooled their resources in order to fill that void with Shady Visions.

Their high-quality, stylish, and affordable accessories are a hot commodity among students. Since the launch of the business, multiple Shady Visions styles have gone out of stock.

They sell a variety of styles featuring trendy names such as Sneaky Link and City Girl frames.

“I loved the City Girl frames and was able to order and pick up a pair locally in time for a pool party,” said customer Brianna Taylor.

All styles range between $10 and $25 in price. Along with their already affordable prices, they also feature various deals and giveaways on their Instagram account.

The idea came about as the two were thinking of another source of income to help with life’s expenses and to save up for an end-of-summer trip. “As a graduating senior attending law school in the near future, my life has many financial responsibilities. This company has helped with the load and I’m glad that I am able to sell a product my peers want,” Crouch said.

A lot of students have decided that the best thing they can do is start their own business in order to help support themselves financially.

Living in a college town has helped with the expansion and support of the Shady Visions business.

“Living in a college town has really helped us reach a large client base, additionally FAMU is very supportive of its entrepreneurs and we have definitely felt the love and support,” Bland said.

The use of social media and word of mouth has helped Shady Visions increase its exposure and interact with customers.

Florida A&M University has also aided their business by offering platforms to directly reach students on campus. Events such as Market Monday and Be Out Day as well as vendors being showcased during Set Friday, have allowed them to sell their sunglasses where students congregate.

Be sure to follow “_Shady.Visions” on Instagram to access their website and view their many products. Their sunglasses can be ordered for delivery or picked up in person.