Local rapper Chidi Ukaga catching on

Photo courtesy: Willis Charlemond

New and upcoming rapper Chidi Ukaga is taking Tallahassee by storm. The 23-year-old phenom began his music career in the fifth grade and went from Chidi Ukaga to his performance name Chidi Breezy. Ukaga’s music inspiration came from multiple big artists like Eminem, Kanye, J Cole and Lil Wayne. Ukaga also describes his parents as a source of inspiration. “Watching them struggle to provide for my brothers and I, I wanted to be able to give back to them,” Ukaga said.

Ukaga has performed at multiple venues in Tallahassee including Next Up, an event where upcoming artists come to perform to make a name for themselves. “I was able to connect with different artists and hear different genres of music,” he said.

Being a great performer requires a lot of work behind the scenes. Before Ukaga ever records anything he goes to his recording producer Mango.

“Chidi really does have a lot of talent. He is always able to unlock a new feature with his music that I honestly think makes him a great musician,” Mango said.

Ukaga has dropped two albums from 2022 and 2023 and is striving to drop another one later on this year. Ukaga does this all to make sure he is able to get big enough to give back to his family.

Ukaga’s inspiration comes from his family. They have given him so much for him to be able to record, perform and make music so he tries his all just to return the same love he was given. “My son fell in-love with music and I seen the joy in his eyes each time he would perform when he was younger,” Ukaga ’s mother said When someone loves something so much the only thing you can do is support it.

You will be able to listen to Ukaga’s music on multiple music platforms from YouTube and Spotify to Apple Music. Each song represents something particular in his life.

“I don’t really do the fake gangster street life when it comes to my music,” Ukaga said.

Music has changed over the years from dancing and enjoyment to violence and thuggish. Ukaga speaks truth in his music and hopes listeners are able to support and relate to some of his songs even if not all of them.

Ukaga has another show in April at Next Up, and he intends to perform one of his top songs, “Real or Fake.” This performance will happen near Florida State at the university’s theater.