Students voice concerns with FAMU’s website

Photo courtesy: Queneetra Corley

Accessing helpful information is usually quick and easy because everyone uses the internet. Many students at Florida A&M University use the internet to explore a wide array of topics, such as deciding on a major, accessing their financial aid information, campus activities, or organizations they may want to join.

Students are also trying to access academic calendars, faculty directories, transportation resources and more on the school’s website. However, students often encounter issues when attempting to access information on the university’s site.

Numerous students who have visited FAMU’s website believe that it should be altered or updated in some way.

Taylor Seymour, a third-year psychology major, believes the school should alter its website.

“I believe that FAMU should update their website because still to this day they have courses from 2009,” Seymour said.

If the site is outdated, it will lead to confusion among students. Furthermore, if the site’s content is not updated and maintained, current and incoming students, parents and alumni will find the information useless.

Multiple students at FAMU shared their frustrations with the university’s website.

A third-year computer science major, Journee Hudson, voiced her concerns with the website and the changes she believes should be made.

“I have tried to find certain forms and documents. However, I do think the FAMU website should be updated and more organized. Also easier to navigate. It can be a little frustrating trying to get information and the website does not work properly,”  Hudson said.

Third-year, business administration student Reyanna Jenkins shared her experience with navigating the school’s website.

“I’ve experienced error messages while on the FAMU website, some of the links do not work. I feel the website should be more accessible. I should be able to search for what I need and find it,” Jenkins said.

Posting new information and events regularly will ensure that individuals have updated information about the institution.

Florida A&M’s web services team provides the web services for faculty, students, staff and users across the globe. The web services team is also responsible for the main website,

FAMU spokesman Andrew Skerritt said questions regarding the university’s website should be directed to Robert Seniors, the university’s vice president for information technology. However, Seniors did not respond to questions sent by email regarding issues with FAMU’s website.