Netflix’s ‘Perfect Match’ chaotically entertaining

Logo courtesy: Netflix

Sometimes I want a bit of chaos in my life without having to live through it, so I
watch a show so chaotic it’s entertaining. My most recent chaotic comfort show is
Netflix’s new series “Perfect Match.” The show was ironically released on Valentine’s
Day and brings together reality stars from other Netflix hits including “Love is Blind,”
“Too Hot to Handle” and “The Circle.”

There are 10 singles who match to make five couples that compete in a series of
challenges to see who the perfect match will be in the end. At the end of each episode,
a couple gets to choose who comes into the house next and who they’ll go on a date
with, whether it be themselves or someone else in the house.

I find it interesting to see how the shows the singles came from affects their game
play. Players from “The Circle” have Circle-like strategy and players from “Too Hot to
Handle” are usually hot and bothered. I’ve only watched two of the shows the
contestants are from — “The Circle” and “Love is Blind,” so I only recognize a few of the
contestants so far.

I’m not very fond of Nick or Savannah from “The Circle” but I do find their
dynamic on this show to be interesting. They’re a match but they seem more like bros,
mainly due to Savannah.

Savannah didn’t find Nick attractive but she thinks he’s a good kisser given she
rated him a 9 out of 10 in a blindfolded kissing challenge. She seems to be using their
friendship to stay in the house until she gets the chance to match with who she actually

On an opposite note, I loved Joey on “The Circle” but he’s been pushing it on
“Perfect Match.” On “The Circle,” you see Joey as a chill, kind, mama’s boy who
everyone grows to love. On this show you see when it comes to his match, Kariselle, he
can be a bit territorial.This has annoyed me to my core, so I can only imagine how
Kariselle was feeling.

I still have episodes to watch, but so far the show is taking me on a roller coaster.
One second I’m laughing until tears are running down my face and the next I’m
screaming at my TV screen. As I mentioned, the show is chaotically entertaining and I
am somehow finding comfort in the discomfort. Hopefully I’m not alone in that.