Is the ‘Golden Era’ over? The end of FAMU culture

The demolition of Truth Hall is just one of the many ways FAMU is changing the landscape.
Photo courtesy famualumni1887 on Instagram

As the demolition of my old stomping grounds of Truth Hall began just this week, I can’t help but
wonder if this is truly the end of an era at Florida A&M University.

So many things have changed and the campus isn’t as alive as it was when I stepped on the hill
for the first time just four years ago.

Let’s start with the biggest thing that’s significant to the end of the golden era at FAMU: Set
Friday is no longer every Friday nor is it on the set anymore. I understand that the school wants
to make use of the amphitheater they built, but taking away Set Friday from the set makes the
tradition lose its charm and makes it feel like any other school event.

Not only has there been a change in how we spend our time on campus, but the landscape of
the campus has drastically changed as dorms are major landmarks on campus. With FAMU
Towers and now the newly purchased Rattlers Pointe being the new housing that is catching
everyone’s eye, this means that all of the older dorms will be torn down. That includes Gibbs
Hall, not including Paddyfoot, Truth Hall and Palmetto North that were already either torn down
or are in the process of demolition. This also means that the majority of the housing on and off
campus is now co-ed and the only two dorms that are strictly either boys or girls only are
Sampson and Young Hall.

Also the culture on campus has changed significantly as well. The lack of participation from
students this past campaign season reflects it. During previous campaign seasons, the quad
would be filled with students trying to get free stuff and candidates along with their campaign
teams would be out there trying selling themselves and their platform points to reach their goal
of their desired position. Now, the quad seemed nearly deserted and the only presence that was
out there were students trying to get to their next lecture.

But, one positive thing has come from this new era and that’s Market Monday. Market Mondays
is giving student entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs in the community a chance to provide their
goods and services to students on campus, which helps not only their revenue, but helps them
increase the popularity of their businesses through word of mouth.

As a graduating senior, the era that I came onto campus with is now leaving with me as well.
Although, this means a new era is starting for those on the hill and those yet to come.