Is HAMU a product of FAMU?

Photo courtesy: HAMU website

At the end of this years Black History Month, Black TikTokers including Rattlers
transformed Hogwarts into a typical Historically Black College or University, complete
with house parties, stroll teams, Greek life and much more. “HBCUs played a huge
representation,” La’quisha Raphael said.

Raphael, who is in her third year as a psychology major at Florida A&M University, is a
proud HAMU attendee.

“I really love watching the HAMU videos on TikTok. The way they represent HBCUs
are hilarious. They really have the details down. All the way down to the strolling,” she

This fan-created version of the mythical wizarding institution has been nicknamed
HAMU, or Hogwarts Agricultural and Magical University, and countless videos have
been produced showing supporters repping their dwellings and creating their own

Nia Williams, a senior at Florida A&M University studying theater, has been following
the trend ever since she saw an influential alumna represent Hogwarts.

“Before the trend started I used to see Mel Mitchell do these videos about Black people
at Hogwarts that always made me laugh,” Williams said.

“The situations represented in the HAMU memes are ones I see often while attending
college. It feels like I’ve been there,” she added.

Comedian Mel Mitchell, a third-generation Florida A&M University alumnus, is a
noticeable face within the trend. Mitchell’s most successful HAMU TikTok has over
41,000 likes and depicts her, a proud Ravenclaw, walking at a Slytherin house party to
Sheck Wes’s “Mo Bamba” the music most often utilized on HAMU TikToks. “No since I
heard y’all were wandering at the Slytherin party without me, so I had to TURN IT UP,”
she captioned the photo.

The Hogwarts theme meme, which became famous with the publication of the Hogwarts
Legacy computer game, inspired the creation of HAMU.

“I like how they show inclusiveness that we don’t get to see a lot in movies, so it’s like
finally being able to see your campus lifestyle in the movie. Many people know that J.K.
Rowling isn’t the most accepting of people from different backgrounds, which makes it
even funnier,” Raphael said.

BBC reported that Rowling has gotten considerable criticism for her comments about
trans issues and how they affect women’s rights, as well as for her opposition to
Scotlands gender recognition bill.

In an essay posted on her website in 2020, she said, “When you throw open the doors
of bathrooms and changing rooms to any man who believes or feels he’s a woman, you
open the door to any and all men who want to come inside.”

Some people have said that her position is transphobic, which has led to calls for a
boycott of the Harry Potter franchise, which includes the books, movies and the hit
video game “Hogwarts Legacy.”

“What she said was nasty, but I’m not going to let that stop me from enjoying this trend,”
Raphael said.

This made-up HBCU now has its own website, homecoming schedule, band, majorette
squad and gear.

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