Fryson a barber who’s a mentor to many

Nick Fryson inside the barbershop where he works. Photo courtesy: Fryson’s Instagram page

Nick Fryson, also known as Chuck, is the definition of an active leader. He is a great influence for youth and the community. Fryson’s main inspiration is his dad and his dad is one of the reasons he is where he is today.

“My dad has the most wisdom I have ever met,” Fryson said. “He drilled in me this one concept: ‘You can do anything you want to do.’ Like he made me actually believe that I could do anything.”

The entrepreneur was raised primitive Baptist and eventually got his start into different positions that went up to the state level.

“With building those relationships, it caused me to have more opportunities, to do motivational speaking engagements and mentorships,” Fryson said. “Through God’s grace and mercy, I was able to gain a lot of experience and relationships that I couldn’t get in … one relationship, or through one organization.”

Though Fryson’s life seemed to be on the rise — at one point he was dean of students at Kingdom Life Preparatory Academy in Tallahassee

— he ran into legal trouble and faced a public dismantling. He said he was betrayed by individuals who were once in his circle.

“I failed in the public eye, so that means I had to deal with my emotions, depression, anxiety, insecurities … in a public place because people that I went out to lunch with and fed them, were now the same people who turned their back and shared it on social media,” Fryson said. “What was birthed out of that was a true and genuine relationship with God.”

Fryson now hosts bible studies for young men because they are the demographic that has the least amount of guidance from the world. So, that’s the demographic he targets.

“We have bi-weekly bible studies for men because when a young man becomes of age, legally, people take their hands off of them,” Fryson said. “So, it’s like an untouched area in the age group of maybe 17-27, and that’s the age group I’m targeting.”

The barber also has a public relations and community engagement firm and uses it to create opportunities for the youth and form relationships with politicians.

“I use that to build relationships with political candidates running for office,” Fryson said. “I get the contract and turn around and hire the young people that I’ve been mentoring and building relationships with to keep them involved and engaged.”

Florida State University freshman Marquis Peoples has been Fryson’s mentee for almost a year and he said he was thankful God placed Fryson in his life.

“I first met Chuck last summer in July when I was looking for a barber,” Peoples said. “So I come in the shop, sat in the chair and let him do his work and it was amazing, so I asked him if he wanted to be my barber.”

“After that I started building a relationship with Chuck,” Peoples added. “Coming in it’s no more just talking about ‘what do you want to do for your hair.’ It’s like, ‘How are you doing Marquis and where do you want to be in life?’”

Aisha J. Fryson, an author and Fryson’s wife, said her husband is not like any other human being. He’s cool, calm and collected.

“Honestly, he is literally heaven sent because of the characteristics he possesses and the way he handles situations,” she said. “One of the twin characteristics that we have is the passion for world peace, world change and community outreach.”

The versatile figure wants to build a nonprofit organization to keep youth engaged.

“I want to create a type of safe space that will keep them involved whether that’s through sports or character development workshops,” Fryson said. “Everyone needs a mentor.”