Conditions at The Social 2700 can be challenging

Renovation equipment outside an apartment at The Social 2700. Photo courtesy: Samuel Williams

2700 West Pensacola St., known as The Social 2700 Student Spaces, has come under scrutiny from various sources highlighting a failing infrastructure in multiple units and around the property.

Florida A&M student Alexander Harris is a resident of The Social 2700. Harris said his experience staying at The Social 2700 the last three years has been unacceptable.

“The amount of maintenance complications are absurd,” Harris said. “AC leaks, my roof falling into my bathroom, the problems literally go on and on.” “Previous management didn’t do a thing to keep the upkeep on these places,” he added.

Harris’ roommate, Shemai’ah Grooms, has also lived on the property for three years. He agreed the experience has been sub-par.

“I do not like it here, just to keep it plain,” Grooms said. “When I initially moved in, they lured me in with false promises and started raising rates for no reason.”

Grooms also voiced frustrations with maintenance issues.

“Last summer we had a plumbing issue which caused part of our living area ceiling to cave in on two different occasions. On the second occasion, the house was basically flooded, and it stayed like that for about a week, and my ceiling stayed damaged for nine months,” Grooms said.

“The mailboxes are also straight-up broken,” he added. “These buildings are so old and we just got new property management team. It seems like they are slapping Band-Aids on very big problems.”

Grooms said the neighborhood is increasingly matured with crime.

“[The crime] is pretty rampant, but I think they are doing more of a security presence recently,” he said.

Anandah Brandy is a FAMU graduate and also resides at The Social 2700. Brandy said while her experience has been relatively fair to date, she still deals with other problems with management and maintenance.

“The utility fee is so random and I am not even home enough to run up a $200 utility bill on my portion alone. My roommate was also exposed to mold in her room up until recently, so at least they are trying to do something about it now,” she said.

Red Tail Residential is the new property management company overseeing The Social 2700. Trinity Properties was the previous management firm.

A representative of the onsite management acknowledged the various problems the property is dealing with and has said they are dealing with them the best they can.

“We have done 168 work orders this week, with 10 AC units alone,” a Red Tail representative said. “We are aware of the concerns that have been raised to our attention and we are doing the best efforts in order to keep the community exemplary.”