Shooting at Bajas – why is the club always victim to gun violence?

Students in line for an event at Bajas. Photo courtesy: Crosspromo

The club should be a place of entertainment, not combat. Students in Tallahassee have directly experienced an uptick in gun violence at nighttime events.

According to the Tallahassee Democrats data database, 117 shootings have taken place since 2022. There have been fatal shootings outside and inside clubs, leaving students frustrated and concerned for their safety. The gun violence in clubs isn’t a new narrative, but the fatalities and injuries caused are affecting the Tallahassee community.

FAMU student Tajiah Gary has had a fair share of parties interrupted by violence. “Two years ago, I was trampled while running out of Potbelly’s due to a shooting at the club,” Gary said. “While leaving, I saw a dead body on the ground and had friends with wounds from broken glass while trying to leave the premises. It’s sad that I’m subject to gun violence and witnessing the death of another human while just trying to enjoy my college years.”

More violent consequences have also occurred at events featuring guest performers. Despite tight security, people are still able to sneak in weapons and inflict violence.

This past weekend, rappers No Cap and Spliff Jit’s performances were cut short due to violence amongst individuals in Baja’s nightclub.

Shyanna Washington was disappointed that her experience was cut short. “No Cap wasn’t even two minutes into his performance when a fight broke out that caused everyone to drop to the ground, run, and scatter in the club,” Washington said. “Everyone fell to the floor, not knowing if there was a gun involved or not, but we couldn’t even enjoy the main attraction of the night.”

No Cap had another short-lived performance on October 29. 2022, at Bajas nightclub during homecoming week. Outside of the club was a fatal mass shooting. The streets were filled with police and changing the dynamic of the night. Another fun weekend suddenly turned deadly due to gun violence.

Gun violence has not shown any signs of stopping. Not only does this negatively impact visitors of establishments, but the owners and employees as well.