The votes are in

Photo credits: the candidates’ flyers

On Tuesday, February 21, FAMU’s Electoral Commission announced a runoff election for sophomore attendants, Student Government Association President and Vice President, and the 24 Mr. Florida A&M candidates.

Runoff elections refer to Two round voting system used to elect a single winner, where only two candidates from the first round continue to the second round, where one candidate will win.

Student Government Association was created to be a bridge between the university administration and the student body. So, the student representatives the student body elects are very crucial when it comes to vouching for and representing the students and their needs. Due to FAMU holding elections as a critical position within the student body, including the royal court, this runoff election was very important.

Sophomore attendant candidates Zoe Carter and Ongel Harris runoff was based on a 62-point difference. Zoe carter had 207 votes, equaling 33.07%, and Ongel Harris with 269 votes, equaling 42.97%. Leaving both candidates to campaign for two additional days to try and increase their class’s voter turnout. By the end of the day, results were announced that Ongel Harris won by one vote with 298 votes, and Zoe Carter was left with 297 votes.

Student Government Association President and Vice President-elect Londe Mondelus and Jeffery Francis from the MXF administration and Nyla Sams and Machia Sanders from the Sam-Sanders Administration runoff were based on a 109-point difference. The MXF administration led with 1,119 votes at 35.77%, leaving the Sams-Sanders administration with 1010 votes at 32.23%.

Londe Mondelus, a second-year SGA Presidential candidate, saw the runoffs as a bittersweet moment.

“It was exhausting, but I was grateful that the student body wanted me to lead and picked me as their leader,” said Mondelus. “My goal for the runoffs was to get to as many students as I could to believe in my vision, although I didn’t prepare for runoffs, I knew it was a possibility and kept it in mind.”

 After heavy campaigning from both parties, the results were in. Londe Mondelus and Jeffery Francis of the MXF administration won the SGA President and Vice President ticket with 1588 student body votes (54.26%). Leaving the Sams-Sanders administration with 1344 student body votes (54.08%).

Mr. Florida A&M candidates Joel Williams and Devin Nobles runoff was based on a 144-vote difference. With Devin Nobles in the lead with 1135 votes and Joel Williams with 992 votes.

Devin Nobles, a third-year Mr.FAMU candidate, neglected the possibility of a runoff election but knew the “jobs not over.”

“When I first heard the results of the general election, I was excited because I recognized I had the most votes in my category, I kept hearing in my head, ‘jobs not over, jobs not over,’ said Nobles.

Nobles felt the need to go harder, he knew he wanted to do something he hadn’t done prior to the runoffs.

“My team took the initiative in being physically present and talking to students on my behalf.”

“Previously, the support I’d get was online/virtual, but on Wednesday and Thursday, my brothers and friends and other org. Families stepped to the quad and all these other places to help get my name out,” said Nobles.

After going head-to-head, the results were in. Devin Nobles won the title of Mr. Florida A&M position with 1624 votes in comparison to Joel Williams with 1306 votes.

For additional information from this year’s election, visit the FAMU iStrike website and go to the electoral commission’s page.