Purchase of Citivue adds 116 beds

Photo of Citivue courtesy: famu.edu

Florida A&M University expanded its housing options in October with the purchase of 118-bed Light House at Brooklyn Yard, named Rattler Pointe by junior Ashona Graves.

That expansion continued earlier this month when the university announced that it had purchased the 116-bed Citivue complex for $12.7 million. It is located at 600 Eugenia St. and is about a five minute walk from the Polkinghorne Village residence hall.

With these two apartment complexes, FAMU is hoping to better meet the growing demand by students for on-campus housing.

Imani Mccune, a second-year business administration student at Florida A&M University, said she knew about the Citivue purchase months in advance from a friend’s mother; however, this was not the case for other residents.

“The rest of the people at Citivue did not find out until we saw it on the FAMU website or Instagram page,” Mccune said.

She said she thinks there should have been more communication with Citivue residents about the purchase prior to the university’s announcement.

“I think they could’ve done a better job [at communicating] but I don’t think it’s necessarily FAMU’s fault,” she said.

She shared that she believes the sellers of Citivue are more to blame for this issue.

Mccune plans to leave next year due to pricing and management issues but believes these issues will be resolved with FAMU management. She wishes future residents the best.

“Good luck to anyone who wants to stay there next year; it should be fun,” she said.

Given last year’s circumstances, she is excited that FAMU is taking steps to get more housing for its growing student body.

“I think it’s a good idea that FAMU is adding more housing,” Mccune said.

“Especially with so many people coming to FAMU and what happened last year with some people not having housing.”

FAMU is pushing to give students what they’ve requested. As older residence halls are torn down, FAMU is making an effort to provide students with more options.

Both recent purchases are apartment-style residence facilities, which has been a preference for many students.

The fall 2023 housing portal has opened, including the option to stay in Rattler Pointe. Citivue is soon to be added, according to the university.