PR practitioners talk the talk at FAMU

Panelists, from left, Kyya Smith, Nipa Eason, Asya Griffin, Kelly Corder, Chirag Shah and Tonja Ward. Photo courtesy: Nicklaus Florexil

Asya Griffin, a fourth-year public relations major at Florida A&M University, served as moderator of Tuesday’s event that was designed especially with other PR majors in mind.

“I am strongly considering membership in the Florida Public Relations Association due to my exposure to the organization during my fellowship at the Leon County Property Appraisers’ Office. Through interactions with the director and deputy director of public relations, Andy Janecek and Valencia Scott, respectively, I have become acquainted with the Florida Public Relations Association Capital Chapter and its executive board, on which both individuals serve,” she said.

On Tuesday, the Florida Public Relations Association presented a “Exploring Careers in Public Relations” event at Florida A&M University’s SJGC lecture hall. Tonja Ward, Chirag Shah, Nipa Eason, Kyya Smith and Kelly Corder were among the panelists. Students were able to ask questions about careers in their major and get valuable advice on how to market themselves.

The mission statement of the Florida Public Relations Association is dedicated to developing public relations practitioners who, through ethical and standardized practices, enhance the public relations profession in the Sunshine State.

“Given the numerous networking opportunities available through the FPRA, membership in the organization would be particularly advantageous for public relations majors at Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University, allowing access to a wide range of industry professionals facilitates the development of valuable connections and the acquisition of the latest trends and techniques in PR,” Griffin said.

Chirag Shah, founder and CEO of The Current Agency, highlighted the importance of students learning to network with others and thanked it for his success.

“One of the most important aspects of my success has been the many connections I’ve been able to build as a result of my effort,” Shah said.

D’aja Byers, a fourth-year public relations major at FAMU, found the event to be very helpful.

“As a PR student I found the event very helpful and relatable. All of the panelists had great stories documenting their journey through their own personal realm of PR,” Byers said.

“The reason why I might join is to widen my horizon of PR and all of the endless possibilities that can come from the opportunity as well as the new connections made with other peers following the same journey,” she added.

Meetings take place on the Florida State University campus every other Wednesday evening, and both members and non-members are invited. During the sessions, attendees heard from local public relations experts who share their knowledge of the industry.

Interested students have until March 6 to sign up for membership.

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