Let’s break down spring elections

Photo courtesy of Kennedy Patton

Spring elections are in full effect; students can vote for not only the royal court but also student government positions. FAMU students are gearing up to go to the voting polls. But do they actually know the duties and the responsibility that each position holds?

SGA positions on the ballot for voting are SGA President and Vice President. In addition, junior Senator positions will also be on the ballot as well. But first, let’s talk about the role of the President. 

Their position involves more than just looking after the student body. According to the student body constitution t/pdf/2019_Student_Body_Constitution_final.pdf, appointing qualified student leaders to fill their cabinet is another one of their duties. For example, the Department of Education is responsible for accepting and acting upon all complaints of students about their academic situation, including class size, course fallacies, and teacher inadequacies. 

Students complained about the lack of faculty and courses earlier in the year. Instead of taking their complaints to the internet, the head of the Department Of Education could have advocated on their behalf. 

The lack of student government knowledge influences elections and what they perceive as job descriptions. Maya Solomon, a fourth-year Sociology student, “Not really, but I think they oversee everything in SGA, and I assume they have to basically approve what comes to their desk,” Solomon said.  

During homecoming last year, students complained about the homecoming lineup, and some blame was put on President Larry. In actuality, the Vice President and the Homecoming Steering Committee are responsible for the ins and outs. 

Representation is necessary, and when it comes to problems on a low level, your student body leader’s voice is important. Junior Senators running this election season oversee funding for different entities on campus. 

Former Junior Senator Calvin Sykes, “Funding for clubs and organizations starts in SGA, and the experience that you want to have at FAMU has to start with who is representing you in SGA,” Sykes said. 

The Royal Court doesn’t just wave their hands and smile. They also push the perception of FAMU to future rattlers and past rattlers. According to the Student Body Constitution, one of their responsibilities is to always represent Florida A&M University in a positive light during unofficial and official occasions on and off the campus of Florida A&M University. FAMU’s reputation is essential, specifically when it comes to recruitment, which the royal court partakes in. 

FAMU’s previous court fell under scrutiny because of the negative drama surrounding the court. This causes the student body to question their vote and who they voted for. 

When students are better informed on what student leaders do for FAMU’s culture, voting becomes beneficial, not harmful. 

Zion Lampley, former Junior Senator, “Student speeches are loaded with promises and with expressions of good intention. Vote wisely, vote carefully, and hold them accountable,” said Lampley.