Nyasia Haynes and Ariel Burks join Student Supreme Court

Senators discuss bill at meeting.
Photo Credit: Alyssa Cooper

The 53rd student senate has continued their efforts to fill open positions within the executive,
legislative and judicial branch. In last night’s meeting, the senate affirmed the appointment of
Nyasia Haynes to Associate Justice of the Supreme Court and Ariel Burks as Chief Justice of the
Supreme Court.

Freshman Senator Isaiah Clayborn had an important position to fulfill as he was leading the
questioning for both candidates.

Up first was Nyasia Haynes, a fourth-year biology/pre-med student. She is a local student and
was raised in Gadsden county. From the moment she stepped on campus as a freshman, she was
heavily involved in the Student Government Association at FAMU specifically within the
judicial branch.

Haynes has had a wealth of experience dealing with judicial matters as she is currently the Chief
Justice of Traffic Court. In her role, she has had the ability to gain experience as a leader while
developing relationships with Parking Services at FAMU to create initiatives.

Haynes previously served as an associated justice on the traffic court bench before being
promoted to Associate Chief Justice and eventually Chief Justice. While serving in these
positions, she has used her platform to host events on campus such as ‘Traffic Court on the Set’
and ‘Traffic Court: Know Your Rights’. While serving as an Associate Justice on the Supreme
Court, she hopes to continue those initiatives.

Hyanes was questioned by Sen. Clayborn as well as Sen. Hankerson-Strappy on the succession
of the Supreme Court as well as quorum.

When questioned by the Senate President on her ability to abstain from biases in her trials,
Haynes answered confidently that they will continue to not interfere even in her new role.
“I’ve been doing this for a while so being biased isn’t something that I really have to worry
about,” said Haynes. “I know how to separate personal and business.”

Finally, when questioned by Sen. Hankerson-Strappy on how her position will assist her in her
future endeavors, Haynes stated, “I feel like it will make me a stronger leader: It will help my
interpretation skills when it comes down to certain documents and it will help me grow as an
individual as well.”

After a bypassed pro-con debate, the Senate unanimously approved Hayne’s appointment to the
student Supreme Court. In her closing, Haynes graciously thanked the members of the senate.
The confirmations didn’t end there. A new Chief Justice of the student Supreme Court was
affirmed as well by the Senate.

Ariel Burks is a graduating political science scholar from Belle Glade, Florida. When questioned
by Sen. Clayborn on whether she believes she has any biases that would inhibit her from
performing her duties correctly, she gave a similar answer to that of Haynes.

“Since being a freshman senator, I learned early that business is business and that personal is
personal, so when we’re in meetings and we’re conducting business in SGA I wouldn’t have a

When questioned on what she believed to be a pressing issue on campus concerning the judicial
branch, Burks answered with students not knowing their rights and what they can come to the
Supreme Court for.

When questioned by Sen. Hankerson-Strappy on how this position would promote her in her
future endeavors, Burks answered, “I believe that this position would aid me in my journey to
law school, it gives me a chance to not only work on the Supreme Court but learn the ins and
outs and determine my career path”.
Burks was also confirmed unanimously by the student Senate.