One student’s Garb•Age is another’s …

Photo Credits: @shop.garb.age

The weather didn’t stop Garb•Age from celebrating its upcoming four-year anniversary with a “For the Folks” customer appreciation sale this past Friday.

New and old customers gathered on Barbourville Road to thrift through some great deals, with $5 bins and $10-$20 racks sure to fit the budget of any prospective buyer.

Jordan Smith, the co-founder and owner of Garb•Age, is proud of the brand’s upbringing and the purpose of the pop-up event.

“I started Garb•Age in 2019 under the name of Jay2Thrit with my, at that time, roommates Jaylon and Javion,” Smith said. “So this pop-up today was to mark our four-year anniversary, we’ve been serving FAMU and the Tallahassee community for four years now and we just wanted to show our appreciation by giving students and residents just a good deal on nice clothing.”

As a local shop, Garb•Age creates the true shopping experience by making sure everyone leaves satisfied with their purchases.

Photo Credit: Lendsey Augustin

Cecily Davis, a graduate business administration student at FAMU, was a customer before becoming a brand ambassador.

“I personally really like fashion and stuff,” Davis said. “I got into thrifting a couple of years ago so finding new stuff has always been like the goal.”

That was a common trend among most shoppers on Friday, as many of the clothing items were one-of-a-kind vintage paraphernalia from FAMU as well as their annual events such as classic and homecoming, so these items were rare treasures.

Maya Brown, a political science major, likes that the brand caters to all its fashion-forward customers.

“Well, there’s two pieces that I’ve gotten from here and they were like big jerseys,” Brown said.  “I like the aesthetic, a lot of girls like to wear form-fitting stuff but like his brand caters to everybody. Like nobody has those jerseys, I like that.”

As millennials continue breaking fashion barriers and establishing respect for uniqueness and innovation, they are turning toward small businesses to provide just the touch of razzle-dazzle that they’re looking for.

Kristen Smith, a political science major at FAMU, keeps coming back for the overall vibe of the brand.

“It really gave vintage for real,” Smith said. “Old jerseys from back in the day for FAM … it’s just different clothes, not clothes you would see in the store.”

Prospective buyers and current customers can tune into Garb•Age’s next event, a Black History Month market at The Park at Railroad Crossings on Feb. 24. For more information about this event and others check out their Instagram page, @shop.garb.age.