Are singles feeling pressured to find a date before Valentine’s Day?

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As February 14 steadily approaches right around the corner and increases of chatter from lovestruck couples about their romantic plans of candlelight dinners, strawberry covered chocolate and red colored roses. One might think this might evoke some feelings of loneliness amidst singles. Adding on needless pressure for them to go searching for a partner before the romantic occasion rolls in. In order to partake in the love filled festivities but that might not be the case, at least not for these three singles.

For Jared Melhado a bisexual man, the idea of being alone doesn’t phase him as he believes one should be secure in themselves first before jumping into any relationship.

“Me personally I’m secure in being alone because there’s such a huge difference between being lonely and being alone, I will never be,” Melhado said.

As for Elijah Avella, vice president of Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University’s Transfer Student Association, even though he doesn’t have a significant other to spend the occasion with this year and doesn’t feel the pressure to. He’s never truly without a date, spending it sometimes celebrating his mother whose birthday happens to fall on the holiday.

“I don’t feel pressured to find a partner before Valentine’s Day due to the fact that valentines is my mother’s birthday,” Avella said.

Like Elijah, Anissa Carby doesn’t allow being single to stop her from celebrating V-Day. Also spending it with family, Carby believes God will send her the right guy when he believes she’s ready.

“I take myself out, take pictures and me and my mom and my brother will give each other gifts,” Carby said.

For any singles out there lamenting on being single on Valentine’s Day these three would all agree and advise that the best love you can find is within yourself and that self-love should come first.

“I find love within myself if there’s one person, I’m gonna love regardless that’s me. And no one will bring the love that I have for myself to me,” Avella said.

But if you are a single person who doesn’t know how to celebrate Valentine’s day, Melhado would advise taking the time to get to know yourself.

“Take the time to do some shadow work do some journaling look at yourself in the mirror love yourself before you think about getting into a relationship the last thing you want to do is be in love with someone else and not even love yourself,” Melhado said.