It’s tough for a Rattler to find a good-paying job in Tallahassee

Photo courtesy: IStock

Living in a college town can have many perks like parties, clubs, and bars that tend to keep young adults busy. However, it can have its downsides too.

The downside in a college town usually has to do with finding a job in the area. While in college, it can be difficult to find a decent-paying job when you have not yet received a degree. Most of us run to Indeed, Glassdoor, or just Google to find jobs within the area. The more proactive students walk into these establishments and ask to speak with a manager to see if they are hiring.

Ashley Moore, a second-year computer science major, said, “There are not enough jobs in Tallahassee for college students outside of a career that requires a degree.”

This statement has resonated with many other students on campus as well. They have found that most places are not willing to pay the minimum wage of 15 dollars or have strict hiring processes that require experience. Some students have not had a job in their life before, so their inexperience has led them to dead-end jobs that underpay or don’t want to hire them at all.

Places that are currently hiring, such as Applebee’s on Apalachee Parkway, are posting on Indeed and recommending that all applicants go to the official website to be considered for their positions. “Go online and apply at Applebees/careers,” said Elwood Thomas, the general manager at this location.

Another job opportunity would be at an after-school care program or a position through the Leon County school board.

“Make sure it is what you want to do because you’re working with children, it is not easy, you have to be willing and able,”  said Aronia Jackson, Gilchrist Elementary School after-care program coordinator. “Patience is necessary when working with children, you can apply through the Leon County school system and you must be at least 18 years old.”

Professor and Internship Coordinator at FAMU, Ranata Hughes says, “Yes, there are several companies and organizations hiring here in Tallahassee. From department stores like Walmart to agencies in the State of Florida, employers are searching for workers and are ready to hire!  Also, be sure to check the job openings page of your university’s website, and always do a job search through Indeed in other employment search engines.”

Ms. Hughes is also a great source for internship opportunities that are paid and unpaid experiences.

If the job search becomes too complex and serves no results, there are always on-campus positions that are available to students and locals. Currently, the School of Graphic Communication and Journalism is in need of newly qualified professors. Being a college professor or teacher will always be needed at any educational facility, even interim. If you do not qualify for that specific area of work, it is encouraged that applicants join the “FAMULY” through an administration position. For students, work-study is always a good go-to, or try some of the local fast food chains, local restaurants, transportation services, petition recruitment, and paid internships for your field of study.