Why is there a bar at FSU but not at FAMU?

Photo courtesy: Reddit

This year, Florida State University opened a new bar on campus where students can stop for a drink and celebrate football victories. 

FSU signed a contract with the Proof Brewing Company of Tallahassee to bring a bar on campus, located at the university’s student union on the ground floor. 

There are four restaurants, a 12-lane bowling alley, a sports bar, and a ballroom at the Florida State Student Union, a building so large it is measured in acres.

“As a Florida State football player, I won’t find myself at the bar, but I’ve heard many good things. I know that it will gain significant traction during the football season, particularly away games,” said Tatum Bethune. “Everyone should, in my opinion, be mature enough to take care of themselves, especially on campus, given that they are all in college.”

The menu not only serves food but has a drink menu that includes beer, margaritas, and even mocktails.

Florida State University has a bar at their convenience for their pleasure of watching games, hanging out, etc. while Florida A&M University students, just across the street, are falling months behind on their rent because financial aid is not processing refunds properly. 

For FAMU to have the option to establish a bar, these two institutions—both of which are public universities—should be funded equally. However, this is not obtainable because of the egregiously unfair distribution of federal financing.

“I feel as though FAMU students should have leisure facilities, such as a bar, that’s comparable to that of our counterparts at FSU,” said Turiq Bruce. “Having an on-campus bar would allow FAMU students to feel safe while enjoying ourselves within the boundaries of campus, all while fostering more camaraderie.”

FAMU students are concerned that FSU and other predominantly white institutions benefit from more significant resources and support than their schools. Given that we have older dorms, fewer resources, and smaller versions of just about everything, this is unquestionably the case. 

“Although I’m not surprised that they have a bar and we don’t, I am relieved because alcohol usage should not be promoted on any college campus,” said Jalen Mason.

Being authorized to drink on campus might give on-campus students a secure sanctuary to consume alcohol safely, but most students living on campus are likely underage. Given that all institutions should be dry campuses, this is a complex subject to discuss.

“I would say it’s a good thing to socialize with other students. However, it normalizes drinking, and bringing that to a college campus might not be the best idea,” said FSU Alumni Kayla Hopkins.

To fix the problems of neglect, we must continue to fight for fair funding on the grounds that we deserve more than just a bar—we also deserve upscale restaurants, lounges, and hangout areas.