Super Bowl LVII is already making history

Philadelphia quarterback Jalen Hurts. Courtesy of James Weatherly Page

Black History Month is among us, and there is already something huge to celebrate. The Super Bowl is less than two weeks away, and it is similar to no other. The two teams remaining to face off for the Lombardi Trophy are the Philadelphia Eagles and the Kansas City Chiefs. This game should be of high skill, considering that each team is bringing in MVP quarterback candidates, both Jalen Hurts and Patrick Mahomes.

At the start of the regular season, Hurts went 14-1, throwing for 3,701 yards, 22 touchdowns, and rushing for 760 yards, which resulted in 13 scores. Mahomes also had another fantastic season throwing for a massive 5,250 yards and holding 41 touchdowns to his name by the end of this season. Fans expect to see a handful of “firsts” from this match.

 Hurts’ and Mahomes’ stellar playing skills aren’t the only aspects that make this game stand; this is also the first Super Bowl to feature two starting quarterbacks that are both Black. Mahomes has an opportunity to become the first African American quarterback to win two super bowls. In contrast, Hurts can become the fourth Black starting quarterback, along with Russell Wilson, Doug Williams, and Patrick Mahomes. This game also will mark the first time two former Texas high school football players will start at quarterback in the Super Bowl. 

Kansas City’s Patrick Mahones. PHoto courtesy of CBT Page

 This game has a lot of historic achievements behind it, which will increase the stakes of how important it is to win for each team. Mahomes is not new to a Super Bowl game; he won the MVP in 2019 to win a championship but faced defeat against Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers only a year prior. Hurts is only 24 years old and is the seventh youngest quarterback to ever start in a Super Bowl. Hurts is only in his third season but has already displayed his talent by being the leader of the very successful Eagles team. With a win, Hurts can become the fourth-youngest quarterback ever to win a Super Bowl.

 The Nation Can tune into the 2023 Super Bowl Match on Feb. 12