Alas, Groundhog Day does not bring good news

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May the cold continue to get even colder.

This morning thousands gathered in Punxsutawney, Pa., to see if Phil the groundhog would spot his shadow — or not.

For the past century, history and tradition tell us that if the groundhog spots his shadow on Feb. 2, the winter will continue a bit longer. Likewise, if the groundhog doesn’t spot his shadow, then there will be an early spring.

As the weather continues to fluctuate in North Florida, students are beginning to wonder when many of the unexpected cold fronts and windy days will end as it affects upcoming outdoor sports events and activities.

According to this morning’s results, a little after 7 a.m, Phil popped out of his burrow into 20-degree weather and spotted his shadow, meaning another extended six brutal weeks of winter.

Athletes who are active in sports this semester such as track, baseball and tennis tend to get used to windy practices and conditioning for the sport.

Zoe Hightower, one of Florida A&M’s sprinters on the track and field team, says layering up helps with the weather.

“On the days where it is cold, it can make it harder to breathe and my muscles get tight,” Hightower said. “But for the most part if I wear layers and warm up well I end up being hot halfway through my workout.”

With temperatures in Tallahassee as high as 75 degrees this week, students and locals may be OK for the time being as winter continues.

Just like the athletic field, making it to class on time in the cold weather can be as challenging as playing or participating in a sport in the cold.

India Haynes, a bio pre-med student, is still trying to get used to her walk to and from her classes in the weather.

“I think that it definitely makes getting to class harder,” Haynes said. “Having to walk up hills in the cold and trying to make it to class on time is stressful, especially on the days that it’s raining along with it being cold.”

With a little over three months left in the spring semester, students will need to think of more innovative ways to deal with being more comfortable in the tricky weather as they prepare for a sunny spring.

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