Few know about FAMU’s new parking area

The newest public parking area on campus is on Wahnish Way near the tennis courts. Photo courtesy: Sydney Aitcheson

Students at Florida A&M University routinely have difficulties parking on campus, and it has often resulted in students being late to classes.

Due to the scarcity of parking spaces, students are waiting for spots to open or are parking illegally.

In the midst of administrators and teachers trying to get to their courses, many are unable to properly park because students are using their spaces in order to avoid being towed.

Although they are not getting towed when parking there, if students are not parked in their designated spots, tickets are still issued.

FAMU recently constructed a new parking lot close to the tennis courts. Because it is too far away or they were unaware that it existed, students are saying that this new lot is of no assistance. The official FAMU parking services website does not feature this parking lot either.

“I am not aware of the new addition that has been added to the ‘college of love and charity.’ I believe student leaders should advocate about this more,” said Robert Tucker, a senior at FAMU.

The school has not provided information to many staff members, including those in parking services, regarding this new student parking lot. Lack of parking is not a valid justification for arriving late to class, according to teachers.

Many students have voiced their displeasure over the need for additional parking spaces on campus, citing how difficult it is for them to obtain legal parking or get where they need to go on time.

It almost seems like this new lot is a secret, but students claim that even if it were made public, nobody would use it due to its location.

“I’ve only ever used this parking lot to get to Al Lawson for a class. Due to its distance from all the university classes and attractions, it is useless,” said Brianna Taylor.

Tajiah Gary, a graduating senior, is pleased that FAMU is taking action to address the shortage of parking places. She is eager to share information about the new parking area with others because she and her classmates can walk from it easily and get to their music classes more quickly than they could in the parking garage.

Since the onset of COVID-19 in March 2021, freshman students began bringing their vehicles to school and parking on campus, resulting in an excess of students with vehicles registered on campus.

The campus is crowded and in full effect now that classes are once again held in person.

Students continue to demand a new parking garage, ideally where the demolished Paddy Foote complex was located. Hopefully, more information about the new parking lot will be made public shortly, along with any updates on the development of another parking garage.