Cava vs. Chipotle

Photo courtesy: Adobe Stock

On Jan. 16, Cava, a Mediterranean casual food restaurant, opened its doors in the Miracle Plaza in Tallahassee.

This restaurant offers a mix of pita wraps and bowls with Mediterranean flavors, with products like their hummus being available nationwide in Whole Foods.  With this restaurant opening and receiving popularity, it also opened debate on Cava compared to Chipotle. 

Though both restaurants offer different regions of cuisine, Cava with Mediterranean and Chipotle with Mexican, their bowls and wraps are often similarly looked at. Both offering the ability to convert their wraps into bowl versions, the restaurants have been seen as the center of which one is better in providing this type of meal. 

Christopher Cann of the Tallahassee Democrat, in his article about the Cava development, states the brand’s similarities to Chipotle come in its “ambiance, conveyer-like system, and overtly modern furniture.”

Patrice Joseph, a fourth-year elementary education student, chimes in on comparing the two food options. 

“I would compare it to Chipotle because both restaurants have a build-your-own bowl option,” Joseph said. “However, they are not similar in taste as Cava is fresh and, in my opinion, healthier than Chipotle.”

However, Joseph isn’t the only one who shares this sentiment. Twitter user Aaron Jordan says, “Cava is not only better for you, it tastes better.”  

This opinion is shared by the vast majority of those who dine at the Cava restaurant. 

Their wide array of Mediterranean food presents itself as healthier and has a fresher taste than Chipotle’s on occasion. 

Where Chipotle may have the upper hand in accessibility within Tallahassee, there is only one actual Cava location, whereas there are three immediate Chipotle restaurants. Convenience may have the leg up, whereas Cava may edge out within the taste realm. 

As Cava consistently brands itself with authentic and healthy-tasting food, it presents itself as a brand that strives for food with great taste. In comparison, while Chipotle strives to have authentic tasting food, they have been known to have various hit-or-miss moments with their food offerings. 

The argument is very subjective, from which one tastes better to which one truly is better at making customizable wraps to even the health factors in the food. The only way to find out which is better for you is to make your bowl and dig into each.