What Rattlers are watching

Photo credits: Skylar Boone, Janelle Cotton, Nathaniel Monts, Rochaya Reid, and Eboni Smith

Jordan year is in full effect, and there’s so much to watch on Netflix, Hulu, HBO, and all the streaming platforms. Rattlers are watching a variety of shows to get their year going.

Junior Janelle Cotton shared that her favorite show right now is “Wednesday,” and she’s finishing “Ginny and Georgia.”.

“My favorite character is Georgia because she is funny, but everything that she does is to
protect her daughter,” Cotton said. Cotton said she is looking forward to finishing “The Girl Looking Out the Window” on Netflix and is a big fan of comedy, horror, and mysteries.

Business administration student Nathaniel Monts said his top three shows this year are “Rick and Morty,” “The Recruit,” and “Wednesday.”

“When I watch ‘Rick and Morty,’ I usually feel relaxed because I can expect to laugh or be engaged in the plot no matter what episode is playing,” Monts said. Monts shared that Morty is his favorite character because of how he reacts to situations in the show. He finds Morty’s character to be somewhat relatable.

Sophomore psychology student Rochaya Reid enjoys watching TV dramas like “Ginny and Georgia,” “Dahmer,” and “Grown-ish.”

“I like these shows because it gives me an opportunity to escape from reality and put my perspective in the character’s shoes,” Reid said. TV dramas captivate Reid because they are exciting and keep her on her toes. She finds they are filled with life-challenging problems, comedy, and romance; she thinks of it as a three-for-one deal and loves it.

Eboni Smith is a transfer student excited to be at Florida A&M University and ready to dive into her shows this year. Her top shows right now are “Power book II: Ghost” and Tyler Perry’s: Sistas,” and she is also looking forward to “P-Valley” coming back.

“My favorite characters are Fatima and Danni,” Smith said. “They are down for whatever and will always tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear.”

Smith shared that she loves that about them both and that “Sistas” is her favorite right now because it shows the sisterhood of five beautiful black women. She also loves the relatability of the show and Tyler Perry’s innate ability to mix drama and comedy.

As we start this year, there is a lot in store in the television industry. Some more shows to look forward to that premiere later this year include “Wolf Pack,” “Poker Face,” “Shrinking,” and “Freeridge.” This year brings excitement with the return of some shows like“How I Met Your Father” season two, “You” season four, and “Riverdale” season seven.

Check back with The FAMUAN a few months later to see what new shows Rattlers are watching in 2023.