FAMU’s 2023 annual all major & career internship expo

Spring 2023 Annual Career & Internship Expo Flyer.
Photo courtesy: @hirearattler Instagram

Earlier today, FAMU’s Career and Professional Development Center (CPDC) hosted its annual all majors career and internship expo, where hundreds of students showed up in hopes of landing a job or internship. There were representatives from a wide variety of companies for students to interact and connect with.

A number of companies were upfront and interactive with students encouraging them to stop by and learn about what they have to offer. One agency in particular engaged with everyone who stopped by their table which happened to be the Delray Beach Police Department.

Bernenda Marc, with Delray Beach Police Department, states they’re trying to talk to students and make sure they have students that represent the community.

“We’re here to demonstrate that we’re representing a law enforcement agency that cares about bridging gaps between the community and police,” said Marc. “Not everybody’s first thought is I’m going to be a police officer’ especially in this day and age.”

One of Marc’s fellow officers and FAMU alumni, Teddy Williams, expressed that the minority numbers in law enforcement are very low.

“Anything that you change, you have to change it from the inside out. You can’t really change it from the outside in.

Upon entering Al Lawson where the event was held, students were professionally dressed and well prepared with their resumes and portfolios easily accessible. Although grateful for communication with organizations, students displayed some feedback about the event.

Business Administration student, Asya Brooks, expressed her thoughts on the timing of campus career fairs.

“I think career fairs should be held more often and FAMU should survey students to see what companies they want to see at the expo,” said Brooks. “I feel jobs should try to understand what the student wants out of the job instead of just pressuring and telling them what they have to do”

There are many tips and ways to go about being presentable and accountable when coming to events like these. Some of these student and job experiences may be helpful in your experience in making sure you are prepared for the next career fair.