FAMU launches program for Black entrepreneurs

Photo Credits:SportsLogo.net

FAMU will be offering an advanced racial equity training program for Black entrepreneurs operating on campus and in the local community.

A three-year partnership between Concept Creative Group and Blackstone Launchpad will enhance racial fairness in FAMU’s entrepreneurial environment through the creation of ‘Building Black Dynasties’.

Starting on January 25, 2023, the Building Black Dynasties training course will be available every Wednesday from 6 to 7 p.m. The first training session will take place on campus at FAMU and online; then the following sessions will transition virtually.

Many FAMU students who are currently entrepreneurs or have an interest, are excited for the new program, especially students in FAMU School of Business and Industry.

Senior business administration student Nia Smith thinks this program will strengthen her skills on how to become a better business owner.

“Even though I’m graduating this semester, I get to experience this, which I know will be very beneficial,” said Smith. “This was definitely a great idea and attending will provide many resources for the students.”

Individuals who receive entrepreneurial training gain the self-confidence, knowledge, and abilities to seize economic possibilities. It teaches students how to recognize opportunities, commercialize ideas, manage resources, and launch businesses.

Criminal justice scholar, Jayla Mackenzie expresses how she will be attending the training program to develop an entrepreneurial mindset.

“I’m actually an upcoming entrepreneur, so I’m new in the game,” said Mackenzie. “I didn’t know where to really start, but I know by attending the workshops, I will get a better understanding on where to actually start, so I’m very grateful and I will take this into consideration.”

Diamond White, a student at FAMU took the initiative to start her own hair business two weeks ago as a full time student and wants to be assisted with management.

“By attending this new program, I’ll get the chance to hone my organization skills,” said White. “This will uncover new ways to elevate my upcoming hair business.”

This program is committed to enhancing the abilities necessary to start and run strong enterprises and to assist Black students in acquiring an entrepreneurial mentality. There will be many opportunities coming from the training and will develop successful Black Entrepreneurs coming from Florida A&M University.