Tutors, other resources available for finals

Photo of FAMU Libraries with tutoring centers, courtesy of FAMU.EDU/Academics

Finals week is here. Fortunately, Florida A&M University offers a variety of resources that provide tutoring and help.

According to famu.edu, FAMU’s USCC learning centers work with students and professional tutors to provide one-on-one tutoring sessions, group study sessions, skills workshops, course content review sessions and essay writing workshops. The USCC learning centers offer assistance in a variety of subjects all over campus.

The Gaither learning centers consist of professional tutors who offer services in English, writing and math. Located in the classrooms of Gaither gymnasium, students can schedule an appointment online at the FAMU website. Another USSC resource is the library learning lounges. This resource consists of six libraries across the campus. Tutoring centers are held in major specific libraries such as the Architecture, Journalism and Engineering libraries. However, the largest and most centralized center is located in Coleman Library on the second floor.

Coleman Library’s tutoring center offers multiple in-person tutors for students on weekdays from 8 a.m.-5 p.m. or by appointment online. Students can find out if they can receive tutoring resources for their specific resources at famu.edu/academics. Upon clicking the tutoring center tab, you will be prompted to a list of courses that the professional tutors can assist.

The USCC learning centers aren’t the only learning resources. FAMUs CeDar, center for disability access and resources, offers both services and academic accommodations for students with documented physical, psychological and learning disabilities. Isaac Williams, a fourth-year public relations student, is grateful for the resources that he has been provided through CeDar. “With CeDar I have free access to printing and isolated testing rooms which allow me to focus.”

CeDar participants also have access to new-age assistive technology. “Read and Write” is an assistive technology program that engages students with a more active reading strategy to understand the course material. Additionally, CeDar also offers opportunities such as internships and scholarships for eligible students. The Theodore and Vivian scholarship is a CeDar-exclusive financial opportunity. Williams is a recipient of this scholarship.

“I applied for this scholarship last spring,” Williams said. “They got back to me very quickly and now I receive additional aid each fall and spring, it’s been a lifesaver.” Interested CeDar participants must apply to be a part of CeDar’s accommodations.

Students with documented proof of a disability can apply to become a participant in CeDar online at famu.edu/student/resources.