Graphic designers prepare for campaign season

FAMU student Dorrian Stringfellow. Photo courtesy: Stringfellow

Spring semester on the campus of Florida A&M University is famously known for election season. The season is filled with students campaigning for positions such as Mister and Miss Florida A&M University, King and Queen of Orange and Green, Miss Senior Attendant and many other positions within the Royal Court and Student Government Association.

Campaigns consist of events and flyers based on the contestant’s theme. The themes can be based on movies, albums, singers and activists. Themes are acted out by the potential candidates but are brought to life by graphic designers.

Many contestants have students at FAMU create graphic designs for them.

With the upcoming campaign elections approaching, many designers are preparing to  showcase their creativity by partnering with potential clients.

Kanisha Clark, a third-year graphic design student, has mixed feelings about the upcoming campaign season.

“I am nervous. I want to ensure my flyers are all great quality work and convey the right theme the client is going for,” Clark said. “As a graphic designer, you want your work to be creative so that no one can talk down on it or compare it.”

Clark said considerable work and creativity go into the flyers.

“Color coordination is very important as well as the font. You also have to make sure you choose the correct font for the flyer to make it appealing,” Clark said.

Many graphic designers, such as Clark, come from the FAMU School of Journalism & Graphic Communication. However, students in other colleges and schools also have expertise in graphic design.

Dorrian Stringfellow, a fourth-year health science student, is known for his graphic design business, Dorrian Did it Media. Stringfellow is no stranger to creating flyers during campaign season.

“I had much clientele during this past 52nd and 53rd Student Senate. There were much more candidates this year, so the graphic design demand was high,” Stringfellow said.

“Next campaign season, I hope to work with other clients, and I am very excited about the campaign ideas. The bar for the spring campaign is high because FAMU is best known for the best concepts, and people are coming up with more original ideas,” Stringfellow said.

Stringfellow also plans to expand his business this upcoming semester. Changing his original name from Dorrian Did to Dorrian Did It Media, Stringfellow wanted to start including photography.

“I am now able to get the visuals done and completed, so I do not have to wait on photographers; it delays the waiting for the design process,” Stringfellow said. “I will be able to take photos and graphics now, which allows me to have more projected work for upcoming campaigns and other businesses.”

With the high expectations of themes for potential candidates, graphic designers are preparing and brainstorming for the spring semester —creativity, timeliness and originality are what will continue the legacy of FAMU’s campaign season.