Bryant preparers to be a school counselor

Resident assistant and FAMU student Camille Bryant.
Photo courtesy: Bryant

Just days away from graduating Camille Bryant, a fourth-year psychology major at Florida A&M, is leaving behind an impressive resume she built up during the past four years.

Bryant is from Starke, a small town not too far from Jacksonville. Bryant always knew FAMU was the right fit for her.

As a psychology major, Bryant is en route to a career as a guidance counselor for elementary school students. Bryant looks to help guide young students early on to find their way into life and school.

Although majoring in psychology Bryant crossed paths and found her way to join different organizations at FAMU. Becoming active, Bryant always lived on campus in the university’s residence halls.

It was not until Bryant was mid-way her sophomore year that she decided to become a residential assistant for FAMU housing. When accepting her RA position Bryant worked at Palmetto’s South Apartment residence halls.

“Becoming an RA is like helping students with their transition from high school to college. It is also a paid job, getting paid to help guide incoming students is a fantastic opportunity,” Bryant said.

Bryant has been working for FAMU residence halls as an RA for two years. During that time she has come across wonderful co-workers who grew into friendships.

Having a co-worker who turns into a friend helps Bryant become the best version of an RA by developing communication skills that can be used for her career as a guidance counselor.

William Frazier worked with Bryant as a resident assistant. Frazier also works in the Palmetto South Apartments alongside Bryant.

“Working alongside Bryant is amazing, seeing her being so passionate about being a leader and aiding residents. There is no doubt I can call Camille my friend that is more like a sibling type of relationship.” Frazier said.

Bryant’s sophomore year made an impact on the rest of her college years because that is when she decided to show interest in joining a sorority.

One sorority that stood out and made Bryant feel a sisterhood and a home away from home was the Sigma Lambda Gamma national sorority. When she first showed interest in Greek life the Gammas at once made that connection that Bryant was looking for.

“I was looking for a bond that had connections within the school and life outside of FAMU,” Bryant said.

Bryant crossed the spring of 2021 and became chapter president. This means she encourages and guides the chapter with her vision by leading by example.

Bryant holds considerable weight in her position. This also gives Bryant a busy schedule to keep as a resident assistant and a sorority member.

Bryant’s sister Christen Bryant knows how active Bryant is.

“My sister puts her energy and effort into her job as an RA and chapter president. To see the dedication she puts in makes me proud being related to her.” Christen said.

Now making this senior year a good one, Bryant pushes to finish strong. Bryant is days away from graduating and her next steps are seeking a career working with elementary school students.