Lovett opens eatery in food court

Gabriel Lovett’s restaurant in the mall food court. Photo courtesy: Brendan Brown

Lovett’s Wings and Burgers was started by Gabriel Lovett back in 2018. Lovett says he started running his business just making plates for the community.

He said people used to come over to his place and say his food was so good that he should begin selling plates as a side hustle. His plate business ramped up very quickly as he was getting over 100 plus requests a day.

“It really was a surprise for me. The word got around pretty quickly due to my plates being affordable and tasty,” Lovett said.

He eventually started selling wings and burgers out of his house.

Lovett was a student at Florida A&M University and he said his food business even helped him pay for the classes he was taking.

“I’ve always wanted to run a business. I just never knew what it would be. I like being my own boss with my own schedule, it’s very convenient,” Lovett said.

He eventually started hiring people to help out with his food business. His best friend and business partner, James Mack, had a few things to say about Lovett’s work.

“Lovett always had a work ethic that was a go get it mentality. He even motivated me to join him so we can come up together,” Mack stated.

Lovett, 25, recently opened up a restaurant inside the Governor’s Square Mall food court.

“This was a huge milestone of mine. It shows I’ve came a long way from when I first started with just making plates in 2018. My supporters can now come and shop with me anytime now in the mall,” Lovett said.

He has a full staff of cashiers and cooks. A customer who has known about Lovett’s food since he first started had some comments on Lovett. Her name is Deija Perry.

“Me and my friends used to go to Lovett’s all the time after school when he used to make food out of his house. So to see him have a restaurant in the mall now is great motivation for all the young food business owners that you can do it too,” Perry said.

Lovett says he is goal-driven and now that he has one restaurant open, his goal is to expand and have more around Tallahassee. He also wants to put more Lovett’s wings and burger restaurants throughout Florida and other states as well.

“I want my restaurant chain to be one of the most known in the area as that would be my next major accomplishment,” Lovett said.