What about future elections?

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As the 2022 midterm election approaches, hopes for a “red wave” have not materialized, with votes still coming in from the Senate race in Arizona.

In addition, there is a Senate runoff race between Georgia Senator Raphael Warnock and Republican nominee Herschel Walker taking place on December 6, 2022. More or less with the expectation that once a president enters their second term, Congress flips to the opposing party. For President Joe Biden’s sake, that is unlikely to happen.

NBC News reported that the total number of mail-in and early votes was 47, 019, 738, with 46% of Democrats voting this way. Meanwhile, 28% of Republicans participated in early voting or mail-in voting.

So far, not everyone has been pleased with the outcome. Republicans appear on various television networks, including Fox News. Some people were in tears or completely shocked when their expectations did not come true.

But democratic voters, even with the current state of the U.S. Congress so neck to neck, are upset with the blowout that should have happened with the current place America is in. For example, Roe v Wade was struck down by the United States Supreme Court this past summer. Gun laws were not implemented in response to the multiple mass shootings this year. Voters are saying this is not enough for the times in which we live. It begs the question, what about future elections?

Polarized races in Florida were hot-button triggers for each party in the Senate and governor’s races. U.S. Representative of the 13th district Charlie Crist, running against incumbent Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and U.S. Representative of the 10th district Val Demings challenging Florida Senator Marco Rubio. Both races were long shots for the challenging candidates, and their margins of victory reflect that.

Debra Parker, a Jacksonville, Florida resident, commented on the key races she was looking forward to but was disappointed with the outcome.

“I was hoping Crist won for governor. I dislike DeSantis’s views on immigration, abortion, and Covid0-19 pandemic response. He shipped immigrants off to Martha Vineyard this summer with nowhere to go, eat or sleep as a political trick,” Parker said.

Parker stressed the lack of carelessness she feels DeSantis displayed when it comes to abortion during the Covid-19 pandemic. She later mentions how confused and in disbelief how the Senate is hinged on the Georgia Senate race.

“Democrats holding the Senate all hinged on the Georgia race between Warnock and Walker which was too close to call. How can a man like Herschel Walker who appears to have little intelligence is a complete hypocrite and do nothing but a lie can have supporters?” Parker said. “They say that politics are a dirty business but, thanks to Trump, it is now at a new level. One many Republicans have embraced.”

DeSantis won by a 57 to 42 margin, the widest margin in a Florida gubernatorial race since Jeb Bush won by 13 points in 2002, according to Politico. The midterm elections have an impact on the most vital issues citizens care about, including child care, inflation, education, and healthcare. Issues are crucial to the daily living of an individual. So like many things in recent years, it’s imperative to know what’s transpiring in your community.

Until the votes are counted, we will see who will have the majority in the Senate and House of Representatives in the U.S. Congress. But for everyone, this midterm has been a wake call on why it’s imperative to vote. The privilege that many across this country do not have. The outcome may not be the best, but participation gives the right to complain.