‘Tis’ the semester’

Photo courtesy: USA Today

November is here, meaning the end of the semester is on the horizon. This usually calls for students to reflect on the semester and prepare to end the year as strongly as possible.

This could potentially cause stress on students, affecting their academic and personal performance.

Anaya Thomas, a fourth-year psychology student, elaborates on her semester so far.

“I’m academically rocky, but mentally, I’m in a better space. I could put more effort in certain areas, but my strategy for the semester has been quite efficient so far,” Anaya said.

This reflects the reality for most students as the end of the term approaches. Many begin to slack on schoolwork, especially after events and holidays. Distractions like homecoming week often tend to pull students away from their priorities.

This could be the opposite for some students. They sometimes take a different approach and go full out to accomplish their goals before the grading period closes.

These students are fueled with adrenaline to complete the tasks they have been working on the entire semester.

David Strozier, a second-year broadcast journalism student, discusses his plans for the remainder of the school year.

“I plan to end my semester with A’s and B’s and a healthy mindset to round out my semester. For the end of the semester, my goal is to have a fashion internship,” Strozier said.

For students who aspire to achieve good grades and better mentalities toward the near completion of the term, this usually calls for buckling down on their responsibilities.

Though there still can be distractions and life events that could disrupt the pace, students can find healthy ways to center themselves on what matters.

Effective ways to get back on track may include study groups, tutoring sessions, and peer motivation. These methods and more can help create a healthy school and life balance that can ultimately lead to success.

With more focus and drive as students wrap up the school year, tunnel vision will help accomplish the end goal.