Dozens of sex offenders live near FAMU’s campus

FAMU PD Chief Terrence Calloway. Photo courtesy: Calloway

According to a Tallahassee Democrat database, there are 116 sex offenders and 27 sexual predators who live within 2 miles of Florida A&M University’s campus.

Sex offenders are people who have been found guilty of a sexual crime or an assault. As of right now there are no students on campus who are registered sex offenders.

In the state of Florida once you have been convicted of the crime you will be placed on a sex offender list indefinitely. That list is open to the public to search it. The list will show an offender’s photo, address and their current status of what type of offender they are.

There is a variety of things that can cause a person to be a sex offender such as indecent exposure, child pornography and, of course, rape. The severity of people’s cases differs all the time.

Terrence Calloway, 54, has been chief of the FAMU Police Department for almost 10 years.

“To ensure students are safe from sex offenders in the area we follow the state of Florida guidelines. We also have educational sessions in residential housing with students to inform them of safety tips,” Calloway said. “If a sex offender has official business on campus our police department will be notified,” he said. “For our victims that are dealing with or have dealt with this crime, FAMU offers counseling services virtually or in person in the CASS building.”

If any students were registered sex offenders, the same rules would apply. By Florida law a registered sex offender cannot live within 1,000 feet of a park, playground, school or daycare.

Elijah Bazelais, 25, is a senior at FAMU majoring in Interdisciplinary studies. He says he feels neutral about sex offenders who live near campus.

“I don’t feel any type of way about the situation because I know someone who is a registered sex offender for something so petty,” Bazelais said. “You just never really know the full story, sometimes people are wrongfully convicted. Sorry to the people who are truly victims of the situation though,” he added.

Studies show that some people convicted of a sex crime may have a mental or personality disorder, but that is not the circumstances for all.

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