Local restaurants fail inspections

Image courtesy: Alamy Stock Photo

During the week of October 10-16, three local restaurants passed Health Department inspections while eight restaurants failed, according to a report in the Tallahassee Democrat.

The three restaurants that passed were One Fresh Stir Fry (earlier problems corrected), Peoples Choice Mobile Kitchen, and Waffle House. The eight restaurants that failed were Earley’s at the Capitol, Hamaknockers, Kezzy’s Bistro, Ologgy Brewing, Ryrys’s Kitchen, Stix Pool & Bar and Tony Café in the Courthouse.

These inspections raised some immediate attention. Violations ranged from technical issues, sanitary issues, food not being stored properly and expired operating licenses. This is significant for college students at Florida A&M University and FSU because students are usually quick to try out new restaurants. Also, some students eat out almost every night, and it is important to know where your food is coming from for safety measures.

Kezzy’s Bistro, a newly opened restaurant in Governor’s Square Mall, had four intermediate warnings causing them to fail. Their violations were no hand-washing signs, hand sinks used for other purposes (food debris in the sink), no certified food manager for the establishment, and spray bottles with toxic chemicals not labeled.

“It sucks because this is a new restaurant that has been having steady business and their food was pretty good. Hopefully, they can correct the warnings to stay operating,” Nacieya Gilmore said.

Some voice surprised that Waffle House aced their inspection. Waffle House is known as the place to go after the club while intoxicated. Waffle House is known to hire candidates who look questionable and shady, but they usually find a way to deliver good customer service.

“I am very glad everything checked out with Waffle House. It is my No. 1 go-to when I leave the club. What makes it even better is it is right around the corner,” Aaron McCroy said.

None of the restaurants listed had to shut down or were hit with a penalty for pests being present. Although no restaurants had those types of violations, five restaurants were found to not be executing good hand wash and hygienic practices. Along with those five restaurants not practicing hygiene, 18 food protection and cross-contamination violations were given out. These restaurants must find a way to correct all of the violations given before the next visit or they may risk being closed down.

You can keep an eye out for all restaurant inspections in Leon County by checking out the link below.