FAMU home to early voting site

The early voting site on FAMU’s campus. Photo courtesy: Richard Brown

Florida A&M University students registered to vote in Leon County now have easy access to early voting on campus.

Registered voters in Leon County are encouraged to take advantage of early voting. And the Leon County Supervisor of Elections has set up a voting site on FAMU’s campus. The FAMU campus’s precinct, which is one of 10 early voting sites in the county, is located next to the student senate building just off the set. Early voting on FAMU’s campus, which started Monday, will be available until Sunday, Nov. 5. The site is open every day including on weekends from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

It is extremely important for young people to vote; it gives millennials  a say in their elected officials.

Ronnie Wilson, who serves as an inspector for the elections, wants young Black voters especially, to take advantage of this opportunity. “We will be out here every day from 10 a.m.-6 p.m.,” Wilson said. “Black lives don’t matter if we don’t vote.”

Students have been taking advantage of early voting, Wilson said. However, the job is not finished.

Zion Sykes, a second-year business administration student, urges students to take advantage of the opportunity. “As students living in Leon County, we need to take advantage of this opportunity and use our vote,” Sykes said.

Even students who aren’t registered to vote in Leon County have the opportunity to vote on FAMU’s campus. Monique Duncan-Jones is the outreach and early voting manager for Leon County elections. Duncan-Jones urges all voters registered in Leon County to take advantage of early voting.

“Anybody registered to vote in Leon County can come here or to our other nine early voting sites between now and Nov. 6 … this is the advantage of early voting; you don’t have to be assigned to a specific precinct.”

Note that voters who don’t take advantage of early voting and plan to vote on the midterm election day on Tuesday, Nov. 8. might not be assigned to the precinct on FAMU’s campus — precinct No. 1309.

“Election Day is different in that you can only vote at your assigned precinct the day of,” Duncan-Jones said. “Voters can verify their information and find their assigned precinct on Leonvotes.gov/yourvoterinfo.”