Homecoming begins with Blessings and Brunch

VP for student affairs William Hudson welcomes attendees to Sunday’s Blessings and Brunch. Photo courtesy: FAMU.edu

Homecoming week is finally here, and Kelontae Gavin welcomed the start of the annual celebration during Sunday’s traditional Blessings and Brunch event at the Gaither Gym.

Blessings and Brunch is a homecoming event that consists of prayers, short spiritual messages and singing of gospels. This usually happens during the first Sunday of Homecoming week.

Gavin hosted the event with FAMU’s Gospel Choir and left everyone spiritually full.

The purpose of this event is to start Homecoming filled with positive spiritual energy, and Gavin made sure to achieve this goal by welcoming anyone who was able to attend.

“I don’t care if you’re a Christian, spiritualist or atheist. I want everyone to feel the love today,” said Gavin before performing “You’ve Been So Good.”

Though Gavin is only 23 years old, his profession and knowledge of the gospels was on display.

The service had a mixed audience of different ages and upbringings in the church. New-born babies, college students and elders were in the crowd. Gavin’s knowledge regarding the gospel was able to make everyone rise to their feet and enjoy the gospel songs.

Tunes like “There is Nobody Like Jesus,” “Not a Friend Like Jesus” and “There is No Way” were played during the event.

Between songs, Gavin would talk briefly about the Bible and recite scriptures. He would talk about the common problems most college students go through, such as depression, feeling lost or feeling alone — and he would remind everyone what God has in store for them.

At the end of the service, there was a short honorary ceremony, and several students were awarded medals. These awards recognized selfless individuals who were involved in their respective communities and demonstrated the highest standards of ethical conduct, integrity and responsibility. One of those students was our Mr. Orange and Green, Yukwon Toney.

After the short award ceremony, one of the members of FAMU’s Gospel Choir led everyone in a prayer to bless the rest of the week and the food provided after the service.

Brunch was a catered breakfast from Metz, FAMU’s on-campus dining services provider, and everyone used that time to sit down and eat, connect with others and figure out what they’re wearing for the next homecoming event.

Gavin, after blessing the Homecoming week, encouraged others to start their spiritual journey with God and go to more church services in Tallahassee.