High expectations for new Royal Court

116th Miss FAMU Aliya Everett and 23rd Mr. FAMU Armani Jones. Photo courtesy: Famu.royalcourt Instagram account

Now that campaign season has come to a close and the new elected officials are preparing for coronation, the campus is a buzz about what is to come.

After the controversy over last year’s Royal Court, students are curious to see what the new court will bring to campus.

Tykia Swint, a fourth-year pre-biology student, believes the new court will be a nice return to formula.

“From what I have seen from them so far is that they carry themselves really well. They just seem really poised and quiet. I like that they do not have to be in every one’s face twenty-four seven. They’re just more approachable than most. So, from that it looks like they are going to do a good job,” Swint said.

The elected court has been making appearances throughout the fall season with FAMU recruitment and attending football games. The people have been getting a taste of what they are bringing to the table.

Abigail Sewell, a third-year theater performance student and Miss Delta Iota for The Delta Iota chapter of Kappa Kappa Psi Band fraternity, is happy with the

“I think the royal court first off all are very clean,” Sewell said. “When you see them at games the waves and walks are perfectly in sync. And they are always smiling which looks pretty natural which is pretty hard by the way. Appearance is very important when it comes to being on court, especially the FAMU Royal Court because they are the face of the school. One wrong move and Twitter is clowning you, so you have to be prepared at every step. Right now, they are moving a little safe but good. I do hope that they do try to experiment with outfits later down the line but so far so good.”

Some members of the student body have voiced some concern due to past courts and are looking at this court to bring back the standard of what FAMU’s Royal Court should be.

Makayla Hightower, a fourth-year pre-veterinary student, hopes the court can keep from being overwhelmed.

“I think they have a lot of pressure on them right now because the school is looking at them with binoculars on,” Hightower said. “But I don’t think that’s too bad right now. I just hope they are able to hold themselves to the standard. The school voted on all of them so it’s their job to keep that expectation up. I hope they got it because everyone’s watching. Good luck to them though.”

The coronation for the Royal Court is scheduled for Sunday.