Law Day takes over Lawson Center

Krisi Caloyeras, USC Law School admissions officer. Photo courtesy: Markayla Oats

Florida A&M University’s Legal Scholars Program hosted its annual Law Day Tuesday in the Lawson Center.

The yearly attracts multiple law schools from across the country and provides direct contact with admissions representatives and application fee waivers. It also offers insight into law school admissions tests. The event is open to alumni, faculty and students of all majors and classifications.

According to the ABA Journal, only 5% of active lawyers in reporting states are Black. This unimpressive number has not improved since 2012, and of that percentage, just about 3% are Black women.

In 2021, US News reported that 66% of FAMU’s student population is female so hosting Law Day on FAMU’s campus is imperative for changing that narrative.

As the law school representatives provided prospective law school students with information to make them competitive for their respective institutions, some representatives wanted to highlight the benefits of obtaining a juris doctor degree.

Krisi Caloyeras, assistant director of admissions at the University of Southern California Gould School of Law, says that having knowledge of the law can be the standout factor that allows one to successfully navigate highly regarded positions. She added that the legal field needs more representation.

“You’re learning how to think like a lawyer. Just having that understanding of how to interpret the laws is such an invaluable experience and skill-set. We have students that know they don’t want to practice law, but they want that JD advantage. A lot of those people are working at top firms that are not law related,” she said.

“The world needs more good lawyers. We need stronger advocates that are going to go into the communities and make changes and law school is one of the best ways to do that,” she added.

Diana DeJesus, UGA Law School admissions officer. Photo Courtesy: Markayla Oats

Law school is undoubtedly one of the steepest investments that someone could ever make, as it is one of the most expensive degrees in country.

Naturally, one expects a return on their investment and many law school representatives wanted to share how their law school can assist with that.

Diana DeJesus, assistant director of admissions and student experience at the University of Georgia School of Law, said UGA makes it possible for students.

“What I can say for UGA is that affordability is a prime focus to ensure graduates can balance their passions with their wallet, so they don’t have to make that hard choice. Also, the resources and tools to ensure that they’re prepared to pass the bar and practice law,” she said.