Athletics has job opportunities for students in any major

Photo Courtesy: FAMU Athletics Facebook Page

Recently, FAMU Athletics announced Tiffani Dawn Sykes as the new Athletic Director of Intercollegiate Athletics. Seeing the controversial matters that the Athletics Department has faced within the last few months makes you wonder who the people are working behind the scenes. Who is helping these students become something great in the future of HBCU sports?  

Although we have degreed professionals working in the Athletics department, FAMU has also provided opportunities for students seeking to work in sports. 

Whether interested in marketing, business management or broadcast journalism, students have had the chance to look closely at what they may want to do professionally.  

FAMU wants to do its best to ensure those leaving its campus know about career options, providing opportunities that pique students’ interests. 

Athletic jobs range from working with production to revamping the athletics social media page to working with athletic trainers. The Athletics department has offered those seeking internships and jobs flexibility within their course schedule.  

Asia Moore, a student videographer majoring in broadcast journalism, expressed that her job is sometimes pressuring. Still, it has helped her grow her passion for sports and gain connections outside the athletic department.  

“While we are known by the athletic department at FAMU, we also have outside professionals who want to work with us,” Moore said. “I will also say knowing the coaches and building a relationship with them has been beneficial for me because they are willing to write letters of recommendation or refer to other athletic professionals.” 

Moore was also able to meet NFL college recruiters and join the football team for annual games like the Orange Blossom Classic.  

Some students have raised concerns about how other students find these offers from the athletic department. Understanding that specific job/internship offers are limited to some, it would be helpful to at least be aware of the opening.  

Not everyone who enters college is familiar with developing connections and networking. Students use their four years of college to learn and grow into professionals who eventually have to adjust to living in the real world. Although all majors are welcome, it does not change the fact that our athletics department needs to become more open when interns or committed workers are required. 

Tatiana Barnes is a business administration student interested in working with sports and dreams of becoming a professional sports agent. Not knowing where to start, she continues to struggle developing connections within that department.  

“As a student in SBI, I have never heard about any opportunities in our athletic department. It takes the student’s initiative to reach out to those departments they are interested in,” Barnes said. “Sometimes students cannot go into the departments and find out what internships and jobs are available.”  

So, where can the FAMU Athletics program go from here? It’s understandable for some to be fortunate to have the opportunity, but it’s different if options are limited. 

FAMU is a school that produces thousands of students who are seeking greatness, and people must understand that with life comes making mistakes. If the candidate is eager to learn and work hard to be a great representative for the school, that’s all that matters. 

Certain schools on FAMU’s campus don’t focus on different career choices. Still, because of this, the department can put effort into opening to the students what they can provide for their possible career interests.