Should Florida implement fall breaks for schools and colleges?

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In preparation for hurricane Ian, Florida A&M University canceled classes for a week. The hurricane ended up making a shift and missed Tallahassee, but students and staff got an unplanned fall break.

Students have mixed feelings on whether a fall break should be implemented into academic calendars going forward.

FAMU psychology student, Markeysha Parrott, said that the break threw off her routine.

“I’m a very routine oriented type of person,” Parrott said. “So having all this random free time messed up my routine. I liked the thought of it at first but I was just getting used to being back in school and dealing with the workload. I found myself procrastinating again because I knew professors would extend deadlines. So, I’m not sure if a fall break would benefit me in particular, but it may be a help to other students.”

Other students think that a fall break is helpful for them. Giving the ability to get their life in order.

Store manager of “5-star nutrition” and political science major, Jaylon Turner, said the break was great for his mental wellness.

“Having days off from school is always awesome,” Turner said. “However, having an actual planned period to reset and adjust what’s working versus what is not working is crucial to the success of individuals. Also, speaking for the students who work full time and go to school. An early break from academics eases the stress between the two and allows small tweaks to keep people like me on the path of success.”

College professors argue that students in Florida already have a fall break in November.

FAMU professor, Paul Sheets, said that a fall break would be fine if it’s not close to another holiday.

“I have a problem with the semester schedule already.” Sheets said. “I actually prefer the quarter system. A fall break seems excessive, when Thanksgiving break is around the corner. If we added a fall break, students wouldn’t be in school for a third of the year. Everyone takes summer off anyway.”

Fall break for schools in other states is a week long, in either September or October. In the state of Florida, students only have spring break, in March of each year. A fall break would have to get approved by the FAMU board of governors. The board of governors vote on any changes made at FAMU. Students can lobby for implementing a fall break at SGA meetings, and at the state capitol.