Royal Court adds three members during fall elections

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Election week for the fall 2022 semester concluded at 6 p.m. Thursday, when voting was officially and finally closed.

Election week would have concluded Tuesday if not for the runoff for the Miss Graduate attendant position.

It is also worth noting that this was a re-do election week due to the election from the week prior being deemed ineligible. Still, the candidates as well as the student body have managed to get through election weeks despite these unforeseen circumstances.

Aliya Everett is a fourth-year broadcast journalism student from Blountstown. Everett has some valuable experience in the roller coaster that is election week. Everett serves as the 116Th Miss Florida A&M University. When asked about the election Everett offered nothing but support to all the students who took this big leap.

“I would say congratulations to everyone who ran,” Everett said. “Running a campaign isn’t easy, especially at FAMU… whether you won or lost it is still an accomplishment.”

It is refreshing to know that the newly appointed student leaders have big plans to make their marks with their positions. Jeffrey Francis is a first-year health science student from Jacksonville and a newly elected freshman senator. Francis received 587 votes totaling 8.37% of the votes, according to AMU’s Electoral Commission. This was enough to earn Francis the first seat, a coveted honor. When asked why he decided to run for senate Francis said he owed it both to himself and his classmates.

“I decided to run for Student Senate to not only advocate for my peers but to grow as a person,” Francis said, “I was actively involved in clubs and organizations in high school and I fell in love with the impact I saw I was having on myself and my community.”

With this new leadership role, Francis hopes to continue to be an advocate for the honest representation of his class.

“As I am still surveying the needs of my class and the student body, I’m most looking forward to being a true representation of the students and their needs,” he said.

FAMU’s Royal Court just received the addition of three new positions as well. Nevoy Shepard is a second-year business administration student from Miami. Shepard earned the title of Miss Sophomore Attendant as part of FAMU’s Royal Court. Shepard is going to bring her own special touch to the court as her personal emphasis is Black luxury and professional development.

“I am excited to do my part and serve under our Mister and Miss Florida A&M University,” Shepard said, “I am all for Black luxury and am looking forward to hosting events that allow FAMU students to network with other students and alumni with the same goal as them.” According to the Electoral Commission, Shepard won with 171 votes, coming 50.89% of the total votes. As for the other additions to the Royal Court; Miss Graduate Attendant was awarded to Clarke Miley in a runoff decision, and Tatiana Bell won Miss Freshman Attendant with 494 votes, totaling 56.65% of the votes.

Other positions that were decided at the conclusion of election week include Graduate senator as well as Freshman and Graduate class president and vice president. For more information, you can visit the FAMU Electoral Commissions page on I-strike.