Lady Venom is MIA

Lady Venom showing school spirit
Photo credit: Lady Venom

Every home game there is an indescribable spirit flowing through the air in Brag
Memorial Stadium, but something seems to be off lately.

After sitting back and trying to determine what was “off,” fans realized that Lady Venom
has been missing in action.

Venom brought back his partner in crime during the 2021 football season, after missing
her for 13 years.

When Lady Venom made her first appearance at the Orange Blossom Parade in 2021,
fans were overjoyed and welcomed her back with open arms.

Lady Venom is more than just a mascot, she is a great symbol that women can do any
and everything.

Now that Lady Venom has made her grand appearance and been on the scene, fans
are starting to have the same concern since the start of the 2022 football season. The
question has been asked at each of the three home games: “Where is Lady Venom?”
Lady Venom has only made a full appearance at one game in Bragg — for about 30

“Of course, I come to the games to cheer on my favorite team, but I also come to see
the Rattler Spirit from Venom and Lady Venom,” said Katelyn Marshall, a 2021 FAMU
graduate. “I noticed the first home game that something was off, and right then and
there, I realized Lady Venom was not present.”

Lady Venom said that she wants to be on the sideline pushing good energy through the
crowd, but she cannot give good energy, if good energy is not being delivered to her
outside of the suit.

“I love being in that suit, and hyping the fans up, but some things need to be situated
first,” Lady Venom said.

Without going into details, Lady Venom said that she encountered a few issues that she
wants to be fixed before stepping in back into the suit.

“I always bring my three daughters to every home game, and they look forward to both
Venom and Lady Venom,” said DeMarcus Poole, a FAMU supporter. “Of course, the
girls love Venom, but actually having a Lady Venom and my daughters are able to see
this public figure, is a beautiful thing to witness.”

Lady Venom said she apologizes to her fans, and hopes to be back in the presence of
the ones who love her most.

“To my fans, just know Lady Venom will be back in full effect soon, and better than
ever,” Lady Venom said.