Students cherish what FAMU has to offer

Photo Credits: Markayla Oats

On Monday, Oct. 3, the No. 1 public HBCU in the country celebrated 135 years. Although the
university has had its challenges since opening its doors on Oct. 3, 1887, many students are
very appreciative of FAMU’s culture and everything it has to offer.

First-year elementary education student Loryn Meeks, a native of Memphis, says that the
community offered by FAMU is what sparked her interest in the university. Her expectations
have been thoroughly met, she said.

“I came to FAMU because I like the environment, the people just make me feel homey and I just
like the community around us,” she said. “I love the whole College of Education community and the people here make me feel like I don’t
stand out. No matter who they are, everybody is just nice and friendly,” she said.

FAMU has produced some of the most successful people in the nation – from politicians,
journalists, entrepreneurs, athletes, you name it – and students like business major Edwens

Dyan Cadet, was ready to express his gratitude to the university for providing him with
countless opportunities to align himself for tangible success post-graduation.

“I came to FAMU because I feel like I just needed to connect with my culture as a young Black
man. I needed an environment that would let me grow and expand on the skills that I have and
the skills that I would like to gain. The networking, it’s like everyone is in tune with everybody,
there’s opportunities everywhere,” he said.

Political science major Elijah Hooks attribute strong alumni influence in their personal lives as to
what brought him to the university, and he is proud to have listened to every bit of it.

“My family legacy being a fourth- generation Rattler and my mentor being a FAMU alumna
inspired me to want to be a part of the atmosphere at the ‘College of Love and Charity,’” he

If you ask Samiyah Abdullah, a first-year student from Greenville, South Carolina, the pride and
school spirit that is felt across the campus coup0led with the endless opportunities that are
provided, seal the deal. She appreciates knowing that with FAMU’s history she has no other
option than greatness.

“Knowing that I will be challenged and set a high standard because the school really pushes for
us to grow, be successful and have confidence in ourselves makes me very happy with my
decision to attend the illustrious No. 1 public HBCU,” she said.