Bryant’s talk show in second season

Breyonna Bryant attending an event. Photo courtesy: Bryant

Breyonna Bryant insists she isn’t worried about the competition. She is simply determined to pursue her dreams of being a TV talk show host.

It started with Young Talent Domain Television, a platform that gives young people the opportunity to share their talent with the world. Bryant describes her show as a space for individuals around the same age group as her to keep up with the world’s latest music, music artists and trends.

Bryant, a 22-year-old junior at Florida A&M University, said the idea for her show occurred in the summer of her sophomore year of college. She started off by interviewing people she wanted to see grow or individuals she already had a personal relationship with and felt comfortable enough to record.

She didn’t produce her show with her school’s television station because she wanted it to be something of her own. She said she did not want to bring it in through another platform.

“Young Talent Domain Television is my way of expressing the positive effects of music through the artists I interview,” Bryant said. “Whether that be talking about what that artist did to stay focused on their craft or stay aligned and free from the streets, crime or even creating music for a specific audience they feel needs it best.”

Bryant always critiques herself while she is editing. She said she feels as if that is the only way she is going to get better.

She has done 23 interviews to date. “Every second of a live interview matters, every moment, every movement, every face expression, it all matters,” Bryant said.

“Youth Development is something I did not think would interest me as I am still very young myself,” Bryant added. “A few of the challenges I face while still on my second year of my channel’s release is channeling my confidence and my sense of anxiety.”

Breyonna Bryant interviewing Izzy Young to start off season 2. Photo courtesy: Bryant

Izzy Young, 23 and a recent graduate of FAMU, is an  aspiring artist who appeared on Bryant’s show.

“It was honestly great, the vibes and energy were amazing,” Young said. “She was welcoming, and you could tell she loves what she does.”

As a child Bryant said she absorbed every aspect of culture and music naturally. Bryant watched shows like “106 & Park” and saw how they had the opportunity to interview people like Chris Brown or Beyonce, and just knew regardless of who she was going to interview it was something she wanted to do.

Tico Watson, a 24-year-old from Deland, is a songwriter and aspiring rapper who also appeared on Bryant’s show.

“I feel like we both benefited from the interview. It allowed me to gain experience of what it would be like in a professional interview setting and she was able to sharpen her skills,” Watson said. “I’m a very reserved person, she picked up on that quickly which made our interaction very genuine.”

Bryant is the youngest of three. She likes to think her gift is her character and who she is as a person. She feels as if character is what gives her channel its identity; it is about being yourself and she takes pride in that.