President’s recruitment tour visits Atlanta

President Robinson welcoming students on the Recruitment tour.
Photo Courtesy: @famu_1887

Florida A&M University started its President Tour in Atlanta on Wednesday, September 14-
16th, bringing over 1,200 students from several high schools in the surrounding Atlanta area,
including Marietta, Stone Mountain, and Lithonia. The trip went from Atlanta to Macon,

The Presidential Atlanta tour was aimed to locate Georgia’s best and brightest brains and
persuade them to apply to FAMU. Several recruitment tactics, such as FAMU Connection,
student government association, Venom, Lady Venom, and the Royal Court, are used to ensure
the tour’s success.

Associate Chief Justice Braxton McMillion, and fourth-year Business Administration student,
enjoyed being a part of the group making an impact on students lives.

“The President’s tour was an exceptional experience,” McMillion said. “We went to Atlanta and
had various high schools in the area come to the fair. President Robinson, Dr. Hudson, and
many others gave them insight on all the different schools FAMU offers, and representatives
from each school came and talked to students at the fair.”

In recent years, Atlanta has attracted the greatest number of out-of-state students from a
single place. Because Atlanta is home to so many rattlers, it’s only natural that the Presidential
tour begins there.

FAMU Connections is an essential component of the Presidential Tour. FAMU Connection is a
musical theater company that travels on all presidential visits to share the word about FAMU.
Through skits, they discuss FAMU’s history. Also included are prominent alums, campus life,
prior presidents, and even Fried Chicken Wednesday.

The 116th Miss FAMU Aliya Everett, a fourth-year Broadcast Journalism major, recaps her
experience as Miss FAMU during the presidential tour.

“It was fun,” Everett said. “I always enjoy speaking with students about their goals and
ambitions and telling them that they can achieve them on the Highest of Seven Hills.”

Some of the students taking part in the tour had never heard of FAMU as a college. FAMU, on
the other hand, has become more desirable to potential students as the University’s prestige
has grown. FAMU is the highest-ranked public HBCU for the third year in a row. FAMU is rated
103rd among national public universities. According to the comments offered at the end of the
event, most students want to apply.

SGA President Zachary Bell, a fourth-year Business Administration student, reminisces on his
time of once being a prospective student in the same shoes as the students in Atlanta.

“It kind of takes a full circle moment of being here now and going on my first recruitment tour,”
Bell said. “I can see the lightbulb go off in some student’s eyes, just like it went off in mine. The
campus ambassadors are the bridge between Florida A&M and all the bright young students
still in high school.”

President Larry Robinson addressed potential students about FAMU’s history. President
Robinson highlighted the test scores required for admission to FAMU, each class’s average
grade point average, and several campus groups. President Robinson recognized notable FAMU
graduates and even shared facts about his background and how he got here at FAMU.

Presidential tours are a significant aspect of attracting prospective students to FAMU. It allows
students to experience FAMU culture, even if only for a few days.