FAMU offers opportunities to study abroad

Photo Courtesy: FAMU info

On Wednesday, Sep 21, with over 20 international education organizations in attendance, Florida A&M University hosted its semi-annual Study Abroad Fair in the Grand Ballroom on campus. With opportunities to receive a high-level education while experiencing life outside the country, FAMU extends an offer to all students looking to broaden their horizons.

FAMU’s Office of International Education and Development has partnered with several institutions to bring a variety of academic opportunities to their students. Courses taught in Vienna, Austria; Geneve, Switzerland; and Accra, Ghana are just a few examples of different locations that the FAMU Study Abroad program has to offer. Courses are taught in the fall, spring, and summer, giving students the option to choose their preferred season to attend.

Education Abroad Coordinator, Emily Maurer, spoke briefly about some of the benefits that come along with international studies.

“Being able to experience life in other countries while studying abroad allows students to gain knowledge of other cultures, pick up on new languages, and expand their world views,” Maurer said. “You can visit for a month, a semester, a year, or for however long you want! Regardless, it’s a great chance to see the world.”

When speaking to students about furthering their educational experience through study abroad programs, affordability is often a topic of concern.  With that in mind, FAMU has provided a selection of financial programs for students to choose from to help lighten their monetary load. Bright Futures, Financial Aid, Florida Prepaid, and many other scholarship award programs are available for students to apply for and receive funding.

William T. Hyndman III, Assistant Vice President of the Office of International Education and Development, encourages students to take advantage of FAMU’s Study Abroad program.

“I am a strong believer in the value of international education in transforming students’ lives,” Hyndman said. “We know through research that students who study abroad tend to have better academic outcomes than their peers who don’t. Since the world is becoming more global, intercultural skills that students gain will give them an advantage in the future…and of course, it’s fun.”

FAMU’s Study Abroad program, supported by the Office of International Education and Development, along with many other scholarly organizations, continues to assist students in finding their ideal setting for foreign study. For students who missed today, but are interested in joining one of the programs, another Study Abroad Fair will be held in the spring semester at a date later to be announced.