Alumna develops non-profit Love 28

Love 28 CEO SiTerra Wallace.
Photo courtesy: Wallace

Love 28 is a local non-profit organization founded and run by two-time
Florida A&M University alumna SiTerra Wallace.
It is centered on loving people, helping people and respecting people no matter their
status. The main focus of Love 28 is help individuals develop a better and deeper
understanding for personal love.

Most people don’t know how to show love or how to connect with people, and that is
Wallace’s focus . She has opened the doors for many students at FAMU, giving them
opportunities to shine in her company. She offers internships for students attending

“The nonprofit came about from my history in social work I would go into situations and
see that love is needed in the world, hence the name Love 28, which is the word love in
28 languages,” Wallace said.

In today’s world, social work is a career field that requires long hours and often doesn’t
pay well. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are about 74,700 social
worker openings projected each year.
Most people aren’t capable of this work, seeing families in certain conditions may be too
painful to witness for some.

“The trick is to not get attached to your clients, you must be able to provide and keep a
professional relationship,” Wallace said.

To raise awareness of her nonprofit Wallace has held workshops on a variety of topics
from love to being whole again, baby boomers communicating with Gen Z, and even
workplace development. Wallace likes her nonprofit to have a broad audience because
of her ability to touch people from different backgrounds due to her work history.

“I’ve seen people of all colors, ages and races that don’t bother me. I just want to be the
help in that persons life so they can make it to the next day,” she said. “I just love to
help people out.”

Wallace’s touch trickles down to people she doesn’t even know.

“I hope one day this small business can grow into something big because I am truly
passionate about my business, I've even been thinking about going back to school to
get a business degree so that I can have the business knowledge,” Wallace added.

While trying to get the basics of business down Wallace has worked tirelessly to raise
awareness of her brand by searching for workshops, merchandise ideas, writing book,
website designs and speaking opportunities.
Wallace’s book “Show love now,” shows us the deeper understanding of love. Each
chapter is filled with knowledge about something you thought you knew about.

“I recommend giving it a read if you want to have a better understand of the world love,”
Tomiko Gamble said.

Love 28 has released an official logo that will be featured on all merchandise. It can
include anything from t-shirts, cups, stickers and phone cases. If you want to order
merchandise or gain more knowledge about the services that are offered, click the link
below to view the Facebook page until the new website is up.