I got this drank in my cup, feat Tally

Photo courtesy:
Cancun’s sports bar and grill website

Drinking is a common college activity to some, however, a commonality can turn into alcoholism fast, especially in Tallahassee. Every college has a different way of doing things, but students who go to college in Tally do it where the drinks aren’t far behind.

Tallahassee has its own culture from Saturday nights at Top Flite to White Trash Wednesdays at the Tally Strip. These weekday drinking events are essential to life here if you were to ask some students. While the city of Tally has its limitations on things to do, students will forever find a way around such barriers and make do with their resources. Resources in the form of a bottle aid most students as they balance school and fun.

A drink to get you right before going to a party is the standard. Pregaming is just as important as the actual event around Tally.

“It’s really not a lot to do around here, so I feel like people go towards drinking to escape reality or have to drink to have fun,” Reginald Brown, a 3rd-year transfer student said. “My roommate says he can’t go to Bajas without pregaming first so that sort of lets you know that’s where the fun sometimes comes from.”

Promotion and advertising play a big role in the appeal of drinking. College students often struggle financially and may not be able to afford top-shelf alcohol, so they go where the deals are open on themed days. Cancun’s, a local sports bar and grill, offers Taco Tuesday deals, such as $10 32oz. buckets and 2-4-1 house margaritas. If you ask me, these prices are reasonable and exceptionally marketable to college students.

“If the prices weren’t as low as they are, it wouldn’t be many people going out,” Tylar Watson, a business major, said. “Before coming to Tally, I actually did not drink at all. I don’t know maybe it’s just a college thing or not….it’s just promoted here a lot I believe.”

I believe having an outlet to relieve college stress is good, however, many students should be aware of their dependency on alcohol as a temporary solution to that stress. Habits are hard to break, but bad habits are even harder to break. There’s a thin line between drinking and being an alcoholic, so personally, I would make certain I know which side I stand on.

Bottoms up, but I would say drink legally, responsibly and most of all, in moderation.