Getting fit in Tallahassee

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While balancing an academic and social life, many college students struggle to maintain a healthy exercise schedule. Attending classes, completing homework assignments and juggling extracurricular activities can leave some wondering when they will find time for the gym.

Staying fit is important because it improves your health and wellness. Along with finding the time for getting fit, knowing where to start can be one of the hardest parts.

Kristyn Mobley, an agricultural business scholar, utilizes the Hansel Tookes Student Recreation Center on Florida A&M University’s campus. Mobley began her journey because her family has a history of obesity.

“I’m starting early so my weight doesn’t catch up to me,” Mobley said. “I fit working out in my schedule usually after classes and as soon as the gym opens at 12pm, I just go and get it over with.”

Mobley believes starting is where many struggle and that her encountering “Freshman 15” is when she told herself she needed to get into working out.

According to, “Freshman 15 is a commonly used phrase to describe the weight students tend to gain during their freshman year in college, which is believed to be around 15 pounds. Various causes of weight gain can be eating in dorms, eating late at night, decreased physical activity etc.,”

Kristopher Cauley, an interdisciplinary social sciences scholar at Florida State University, recalls losing weight during his freshman year of college.

“I was a track athlete in high school and not continuing to work out caused me to lose a lot of muscle mass,” Cauley said.

While he is still learning how to balance getting fit along with his responsibilities, he continues to work out. He is working towards a healthier lifestyle and to be confident in his own skin.

“Do it. there’s nothing like being young, gorgeous, and loving the skin you’re in. I personally have fallen in love with the gym and the confidence it gives me,” Cauley continued.

Calvin Bryant is a Fitness Trainer and Life Coach from Jacksonville, Fl. He helps his clients build muscle and get shredded.

“I was dealing with depression and anxiety. I needed a getaway that did not involve clubbing or things that would hinder my body from excelling. The gym was my place of peace,” Bryant said.

Bryant began his brand at the FAMU rec center in 2018. A few of his workout buddies told him that he had a lot of knowledge about working out, which eventually pushed him to start fitness as a side job. After taking that next step, he made his presence known.

He determines his clients’ workouts based on their fitness level. “The only way to be successful in the gym is through progressive training; meaning progressing with weight over a period.”

Bryant offers student packages, like his FAMU Homecoming Special that has started. This is a 5-week workout regimen that includes unlimited workouts and recommended meal plans. Starting at affordable prices for college students looking for a way to start their journey.

One tip Bryant gives to those who are confused on where to start is to expect setbacks.

It may be a struggle to “fit in” getting fit with a busy schedule but taking that first step can be very beneficial to living a healthy lifestyle.