SGA: new bills, new members

Photo Creds : FAMU twitter account @famu_sga87


On Monday, Sep 12 of 2022, Florida A&M University’s Student Government Association met
once again in preparation for their regular weekly meeting. After taking his seat, Senate
President, Kelton Williams, officially called the meeting start time at 6:02 P.M. With a focus on
bettering the quality of life of the FAMU student body, the SGA council, and branch leaders
began to debrief one another on important topics concerning the university.

During the meeting, two bills were highlighted and discussed in full detail. The first bill, titled
A&S Accountability, deals with fees charged to student accounts upon their enrollment at the
university. Each FAMU student is charged $10.50 per credit hour that they’re enrolled in. The
senate then collects all the money from each student and allocates funding to different clubs and
organizations around campus.

“In order to ensure that student money is being used efficiently, each club and agency is
expected to send in a report, letting us know how much they may need, how much they have left,
and what they spent it on “explained President Williams.

The second bill discussed in the meeting was a resolution bill honoring and congratulating
FAMU’s Class of 2025 for all their hard work and accomplishments in the midst covid. President
Williams spoke highly about the c/o 2025 crediting them for “hitting the ground running,
maintaining their grades, and running for leadership positions.”

After wrapping up the discussions surrounding the two bills, the final half of the meeting was
reserved for confirmations. Anyone appointed to SGA or the Electoral Commission must get
confirmed by the senate and voted in by its members. During confirmation, each appointee stood
before the council and professionally presented themselves to officially join the association. New
members include Precinct Supervisors: Bryce Collier and Regan Wilson, Secretary Department
of Graduate Affairs: Gary Russ, and Solicitor General: Klarrisa Appiah.

“Today’s meeting was very productive. For me, it is a great responsibility to serve in the position
I serve because I am expected to provide any information that my senators or branch heads may
need. I’m there to make sure that we’re carrying out our duties and to keep the senate in order,”
said Dioby Cherisme, Judicial and Rules Chairman.

Once the final confirmation concluded, the room was filled with the applause of senators
congratulating and welcoming their new members onboard. Shortly after the mini celebration,
President Williams called an official end to the meeting. For anyone interested in attending, SGA
will meet again next week, Monday, Sep 19 at 6 P.M inside the SGA Chambers building.